How did I get here?

So much change in the last few months. I’m tempted to elaborate on what led up to all of these major life changes. What I will say is that years of working my fanny off teaching through the Los Angeles Unified School District for pennies, drowning out my inner muse and watching my bank account hover above zero as I struggled to pay down student loan debt led to a hemorrhoid screaming at my conscious self, “If you don’t stop doing that sh**, I’ll be the least of your problems!” Just kidding.  Not really. During that time, despite professional woes, I somehow found the energy to rattle out two plays.  On my way to a production of one of my shows, I met an amazing man (the details of how we met to come). About a year later we got engaged, and we now have the most beautiful life I could possibly imagine! Every day, I wake up with the sun, hug my man and my animals until I’m done, enjoy un bel cappucino as I begin working on my art, craft, writing, and all sorts of simple pleasures which I hope to share with you as I build up my blog! These are some small watercolor paintings I recently finished and posted to etsy.com! Please check out my shop if you have a moment! www.etsy.com/shop/contadinak

I’m so elated about working my creative muscles again. I’m hoping you’ll see my work evolve here.

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