Piu piu piu pomodori!

I just harvested these heirloom tomatoes this morning.  Each time I step into my little patch of earth, the state of awe and gratitude which embraces me makes me yearn to stay out there as long as the sun shines. We have so enjoyed this harvest which continues into November!  This particular variety gives some interesting gnarl and the bottoms often show a good deal of brown scarring – if I try hard to retrieve some of my long lost knowledge on the subject, I believe it’s due to a soil deficiency, perhaps calcium.  Anyway, the flavor is deep and earthy and I am particularly fond of the irregularities.  As I tap this entry into internet ether, the green smell of freshly picked tomatoes pleasantly wafts upward and I’m inspired to begin a painting of… tomatoes. If it turns out nicely, I’ll give it to my mom on her birthday.


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