Last Minute Thanksgiving Cards

I got back night before last from a meaningful visit with my family in Florida.  This visit, I noticed that my mom is a bit more forgetful, which is expected, I think, given her age.  Her body doesn’t work the way she wants it to anymore, and she’s slightly more demanding with me than I remember.

During our visit, I started talking about knitting with her and we both got really enthused about getting back to this hobby that both of us hadn’t enjoyed in about 25 years.  Even though it had been so long, in the way that one never forgets how to ride a bike, she was confident she’d be able to pick it up again right away.  Her mother passed away when she was about 8 years old, and so at that time in Korea, even though her father was physically present, it was as if she were an orphan.  As we began to talk about knitting, she confided in me that with no one to look after her, if she wanted to have socks on her feet, at the age of 8, she had to knit them herself.  Her story conjured an image in my mind that made me very sad.

She shrugged off the sadness that is always accompanied by memories of her mother, and we set out with our coupons in hand to Joann’s, purchased some needles and thread, booked it back home and began an experiment in knitting doggie sweaters for our little princesses.  I find the idea of her knitting a sweater for her chubby princess and me knitting one for my little ratty princess absolutely hysterical.  We kept making mistakes and having to pull out all our work and begin again.  I kept trying to show her youtube videos on the specifics of knitting with circular needles.  I’d stop, rewind, and replay, but even with all the repetition, the words and instructions would go by too fast for my native Korean speaking mother. So she finally she gave up on the videos and just waited for me to learn how to do it and explain it to her myself.  With all my years of teaching English as a Second Language under my belt, this was a piece of cake and she understood right away.  We knitted together almost until midnight.  I loved the way, interspersed with the clicking of knitting needles, conversation and laughter would come in waves.  Now although we are geographically distant, we are at work on the same project and somehow this makes me feel less severely the miles which separate us.

I will post pictures of the doggie sweater once it’s done.  Since my little Pupusa is so tiny, I think if I’m able to place thumb gussets like the ones on gloves and mittens for humans where her front legs will go and maintain a narrow tube for her body, it will be smooth sailing, and my little girl will be the most fashionable pooch in town! I had to stop at this point because I’ve got to pick up some double ended knitting needles for the thumb gusset before I can do any more… Just what I need, another crafting obsession.

Pupusa's Sweater Progress Shot

Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I had to make up another batch of cards because this year there are so many loved ones I’d like to reach out to.  There wasn’t much time to design, so I reached for my beloved Basic Grey – from their Hello Luscious and Picadilly Collections, as well as a Designer Woodgrain wood-mounted stamp from Hero Arts, and made up some cards with which I’m quite pleased.  After dropping them in the mail today, I’m feeling quite accomplished.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My next project is to design a series of scrapbooking papers – I’m clear about the theme (which will be kept a secret until they’re ready!) and am confident that the papers will be unlike any that I’ve seen during my many late night jaunts online at my favorite scrapbooking shops!

At this point I am psyched about getting into the design process.  As they get going, I need to start considering whether to try to produce and sell them myself, or bring them to a manufacturer.  Any ideas or advice from the internet ether?  Does anyone have any experience with this? If I do it myself, I’m wondering what kind of financial investment I may be looking at.

2 thoughts on “Last Minute Thanksgiving Cards

    • Thanks, Ena! Now that I realize how much time it takes to prepare them all, I’m going to start on my Christmas cards right away. I saw the adorable name placards on your blog – so sweet! Are you also a cardmaker?

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