Christmas Cards, Second… Batch?

Fortunately, I wrote myself a list of people to whom I’d like send cards this year, and hopefully, I’ll be finished with making all the cards today.  I took a bit of time to design this card – didn’t use someone else’s sketch, this time.  Right now I’m intrigued by the idea of tight to loose, meaning a really tight center of focus which dissipates as you move outward on the card face.   When I have more time, I want to play around with that idea.  Kind of organic,  having perhaps more obvious applications in the watercolors I will do.

Original Sketch with Echo Park's Winter Park Papers

So this isn’t quite a batch, but rather one card  haha! I just received a small paper pad from Echo Park‘s Winter Park line, and I especially love the adorable mittens!

I also got a tip from a fellow cardmaker,http://disstampingroom.blogspot.com/ , to simply make gifts tags with your scraps after each cardmaking session! What a great habit and one that I’m definitely going to adopt. I haven’t done tags in the past, but they really top off a gift beautifully and are worth the effort – reusable, too!  The tags below will go nicely with a kraft-type wrapping paper.

Holiday Tag #1

Holiday Tag #2

Holiday Tag #3

Wow – I’ve been so busy doing holiday shopping, chores, and taking care of the business of everyday life.  I’d better get moving on the holiday crafting! I still have a wreath to make for our front door.  We haven’t decorated our gorgeous tree yet.  I have to pack cardmaking supplies to be shipped to Florida so I can make cards with my niece and nephews over the holidays – we’ll see if the boys take to it…  Still have to finish buying tiny gifts for them for each day leading up to Christmas. Stocking stuffers for my man and all the furry babies in our home. At this point, the list seems infinitely long! But all of it is so so good.

Happy crafting and arting, all!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Cards, Second… Batch?

  1. Glad you like my idea. It has worked out so good. It is so fun to think of ways to use those tiny pieces of beautiful paper on the tags that you would normally throw away.

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