Goal Achieved! First Cardmaking Video Tutorial Posted on the Tube!

Made with Echo Park's "Yours Truly" patterned papers

Hi there friends,

I’ve been absent since the New Year, but I have been visiting your blogs in the interim and am so thankful for all the wonderful inspiration.  The holidays with family turned out rather badly, but one wonderful consequence was that the trauma literally lit my writing mind on fire.  So I’ve been hard at work on a new writing project and I’m so grateful that the ideas are flowing.  As the project starts to take shape, I’ll post more details – YAY!

One resolution that I made for myself over New Year’s was that I would become more socially active in my art and craft.  Trying to find a balance now that I have a paw in various artistic pots has been a challenge, but I’m not complaining.  One way that I had hoped to become more active was to start a cardmaking video series on youtube.  My first installment of “Make Ahead Monday Cards,” is done and up on the tube!  And Monday isn’t over yet!

OMG – I consider myself relatively computer-literate, but boy, as I tried to make sense of the video editing program and get my various devices to communicate with eachother, I began to feel helpless and like a complete idiot.  Thank goodness for the tech-savvy man of my dreams who I periodically enlisted to get me out of various ruts, and thank goodness for the patience that I had cultivated during my career as a teacher.   Intuition tells me though that the process will be much smoother from hereon in.

As I watched the final edit, I realized that during some really stressful periods in 2011 when I was far from living the dream, watching crafters and artists on youtube just do their “thang,” really pacified me. Hopefully I can do the same for others out there in “youber” and blogger ether or just maybe even inspire someone!

So please click the link to my first episode of “Make Ahead Monday Cards.”

I’ll be posting new card making tutorials every Monday which will also casually review various current products on the market these days (good excuse for me to feed my crafty addictions haha!) Since Valentine’s Day approaches, this episode focuses on Echo Park’s new “Yours Truly,” line of patterned papers as well as a variety of tools that I used to assemble an elegant card!

Please watch, comment, and subscribe!

Still trying to decide on the next installment – stamping or the new Basic Grey “Kissing Booth,” line of delicious papers!


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