Valentine’s Day Approaches – Are You Ready?

Making tutorials for youtube has been a BALL! Valentine’s Day is on our heels, and while the crafty card-making is flowing nicely, I’m wracking my brain for what to give my man in addition to a lovely card.  Some ideas are percolating. Whatever I ultimately decide to give him, it’s going to have to be something manageable because all my free time these days has been spent knitting him his birthday sweater.  His birthday trails Valentine’s Day by about a week, so I’m pacing myself.  I found a great video tutorial plus pattern for this sweater at verypink.com. As a novice, I really appreciate the clear video instructions that are to be used in conjunction with the written instructions – I wish all patterns had this aid! The sweater pattern itself is appropriate for novices like myself, and the design is perfect for my guy, who is relatively conservative in his clothing choices.

The sweater knits from the collar down on circular knitting needles.  I used a worsted weight yarn, Lion Brand Yarn’s Wool-Ease in Chestnut Heather.  So far, I’m very happy with the quality and the price! This is how far I’ve progressed.

Increases for raglan arms

The first shot is a detail of the increases that I’ve done for the raglan arms.  Nice and tidy!

Ribbed collar

For the ribbed collar, I accidentally used needles a few sizes too large for the collar – WHOOPS!  I’m hoping that it won’t screw up the drape.

Invisible purls

The basic pattern is 6 knit stitches and 1 purl.  According to the designer, if you’re knitting properly, you shouldn’t see the purls, except for when the garment is stretched. And voila!

Purls visible

I will be inserting a zipper in the front, and it will attach to an i-cord edge.  Staci shows you how to knit the i-cord edge – pretty simple, just slipping the first three stitches on each row.  Cool!

I-cord edge

Figures that I’m totally into this knitting thing – it’s a completely tactile experience.  I’m swooning over all the textures and fantasizing about wrapping myself in a thickly cabled cardi haha!  Thanks to youtube, I have finally mastered continental-style knitting.  Everyone does it differently, but I sought out knitters who used the least movement possible to accomplish the stitches.  After a good deal of practice, I’m comfortable, and enjoy switching between styles as it helps me avoid cramping in my fingers.

Well folks, I’ve digressed too long.  I have another tutorial for you – the focus for this second episode of Make Ahead Monday is easy stamping techniques.  The result is a warm, comforting, country-styled card.  Here’s a little teaser shot to clue you in to what we’ll be making on the video!

Focal image for Valentine's Day Card featured on Make Ahead Monday, Episode 2

If you have a minute, come on over to visit me on the tube and watch how it was done!

Make Ahead Monday, Episode 2

Comment, subscribe here and/or on the tube!  Show me what craftiness all of you have been up to!


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