Upcycling!!! It’s a Good Thing!

Look at this!

Beauty crafted from a plastic bag!

Isn’t it amazing?  I crafted this bloom from the plastic bag that my newspaper comes in!  I’ve been saving these bags for months because the texture on them is absolutely fabulous – delicate, translucent, a bit glimmery!  I knew that I’d feel especially satisfied if, rather than allow them to add mass to landfills or be ingested by marine life, I could upcycle them into something beautiful, something you’d want to keep and admire!   I think cherry blossoms, peonies, camellias. I’m definitely going to keep nurturing my eye for treasures in the trash.  And I’m going to keep experimenting with these bags in my craft room. Joy!

The video tutorial for this card is at: Color My Humpday, Episode 2

As I played around with this stuff, I started thinking about the waste we produce and how much we contaminate our world.  Do you ever think about how much crap we create?  Do you ever wonder where it all goes?  How wasteful most of us are?  How much product we mindlessly hoard and how much of it we then just as mindlessly toss?  We allow our garbage man to collect it and we never think about again.

In my life, some of the most precious moments that I can recall have been those in which I’ve witnessed nature’s miracles, from the more majestic of her orchestrations to the microscopic treasures I’ve found in my humble garden.  These moments have been no less than euphoric, putting me in touch with a profound inner peace, giving me a sense of oneness with the universe,  teensy weensy glimpses of nirvana.  Perhaps it is the same for you.

Yo, folks!  There ain’t many more of those moments in store for us!  And whoa mamma, at this rate, I don’t even want to think about how little beauty our kids will be left with.  Global warming is real.  I can’t believe what I’ve been seeing in the news.  Political candidates being faulted for their belief in the reality of global warming, for wanting to take measures to preserve the environment?  Whuuuuuuuuut?  Wow.

I  for one, have begun making a concerted effort to limit the amount of waste that I’m responsible for.  Where we live, the recycling truck only picks up recyclables marked with a <1> or a <2>.  Not so good.  But, in our household we do a number of other things to honor the world we live in. We eat very little prepared food – fewer boxes, bags, cans, etc. to dump – cooking most of our meals from scratch. I’m collecting our corrugated cardboard for future crafting adventures.

Despite the extreme changes in weather we have here, I try to grow a portion of our produce in the backyard.  Eggplant did well here last summer, zucchini was decent, drought tolerant tomatoes, basil.  Given the intense summer heat, I was surprised how happy the basil was all summer long.

Beautiful imperfections - delicious raw!

Eggplant, in my opinion, will always be the star of the late summer garden…

A young eggplant sheltered under fuzzy leaves.

I couldn’t let them go unpainted once they matured.

During this cold period we have now, kale has done well, sweetening with freezing temps.  Beware, kale has had a gassy effect on someone I know really well haha!  Really digging the bitter greens this year and am yearning to try out some more of them in the garden.  Some herbs like cilantro are holding their ground.  As we’ve made various hearty chilis throughout the winter, it has been so satisfying to just harvest this essential herb from the backyard!

Towards the end of last summer, we invested in a tumbling composter, which gladly took the branches, leaves, and the produce which didn’t mature before the cold set in.  Since then, it has gobbled up our shredded paper and the green waste from our cooking adventures.  I regularly collect compost tea and eagerly anticipate the day I will harvest its black gold!  During minor renovations that my guy does around the house, stuff he removes goes into the garbage as a very last resort.  Instead, he posts the items on freecycle, which I believe you can find on yahoo, and on Craig’s List.  They get snatched up right away – you wouldn’t believe the things people want!  You know what they say about one man’s treasure… Well it is so true!

Next step for me – give up meat…

But I can’t!!! I’m Korean!

Food for thought.  If you’re interested in how I made this flower and the card that goes with it, check me out on the tube! Color My Humpday, Episode 2.

Patterned Papers from Basic Grey!!! Lurve Basic Grey!!!

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Happy blogging!

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