Incorporating Bold Color with Minimum Effort

Hello Blogosphere!

I have some good news that I’ll share with you at the end of my post.  But first off, I want you to know that I’ve posted the third episode of Color My Humpday!  This will be the only video I post this week as I’ve really got to get moving on a few other projects.

Color My Humpday, Episode 3 – “Color Pop”

I’m in love with cards that incorporate color with a very controlled hand.  The ultimate result is that your small pop of color shines, becoming dramatic even!  Come take a look – I’m having so much fun preparing these videos for you and simultaneously making connections with other crafty folks on the tube!

After watching the video, think about this concept as it could apply to Valentine’s Day Cards – various textures in matte white with a small glossy pop of red! You’ll also get to hear my dogs snorting while playing in the background – so cute!

Here’s a teaser shot to lure you over to the tube!

It's easy! Grab your favorite stamp and some white cardstock and you are good to go!

Color My Humpday, Episode 3!

If you’re inspired, try out the technique!  Show me what you come up with!

Well, once this craft room is in order, I’m going to be doing some painting – yeah boyeee! I’m also going to be trying out some new cards utilizing my very own “Chevron Reinterpreted” technique!  You can view this tutorial by clicking the link below:

Gratitude Friday, Episode 2 –  “Chevron Reinterpreted”

I posted a link to this tutorial on Facebook.  I was so pleased when Cards Magazine wrote in response, “We haven’t seen this anywhere else, either!  Very cool!” 

Variegated chevrons that pack some textural punch!

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