Seedlings Galore and… New Video Tutorial – “Pastels for Spring”

The weather here in Las Vegas fluctuates drastically from day to day.  We’ll experience a string of beautiful days with seventy something degree weather, as we did this weekend, which will be followed by a string of mighty cold ones during which I constantly complain and am consequently labeled by my hot-blooded partner in crime as a “wuss (sp?).” Right now, we’ve got severe wind, and trashcans are rolling back and forth across the street.

Fortunately, this last weekend, we were blessed with gorgeous weather, so Contadina K was able to garden throughout – I even got a bit of sunburn!  Yes, I boast.  But come June, I’ll be a wilted flower beneath the blazing Vegas sun and all you East Coasters will be living large.  My Walls-O-Water arrived, were filled, and then placed around newly planted tomatoe seedlings.  Hopefully, this tool will give my heirlooms a headstart so that I can do some harvesting before the harsh summer sets in.  I gave a bed of less than ideal soil some desperately needed attention, working in some nutrition and sifting out some unwanted presents from the neighborhood cats – ugh.  As I wandered about, contemplating which seedlings will go where, I found a few worms and laid them in my lazy compost pile – I’m hoping that they’ll speed things along in there.

Sunday afternoon, cameras in tow, Jonathan and I even strolled out to our favorite pond where we encountered plenty of other folks who had also been hankering for some play in the sun.  During our walks with the pooches, we thoroughly enjoy taking note of which birds are hanging out at our pond throughout the year – I joke that bird-watching will be a perfect shared interest in our old age.  I can just picture it – two crusty, old, hatted fools, trolling about, camouflaged and bedecked with cameras and tripods, sharing in the joy of a precious sighting.

For now, we giggle at the common mallards waddling about.  And when Jonathan’s sure no one else is present, I will confess to you that he contentedly quacks along with them – it’s really funny!  I’ve started doing it, too.  I never tire of the showy feathers on the males’ heads, how they iridesce under the sun in shades of green and blue.

Male Mallard

Buoyancy is a quality that you’d think one would have to touch in order to sense.  But it is something I can visually comprehend as I observe these geese dive for greens.



Trees are abloom…

And the pines are sprouting new growth.

As we circled our pond, I came across many of these…

At this time of year, there’s a type of tree (I’m a budding botanist, but not an expert on trees so I don’t know which one) which drops these.  When lightly pressed, the capsules release these…

Fascinating to me!  The individual seeds are shaped like propellers, and have been floating down into my garden the past few weeks.

All the colors and sensory input made their way into my card for this week’s video:
Make Ahead Monday, “Pastels for Spring”

Here’s a teaser shot!

Come over to the tube and check it out!   Shari Carroll at Hero Arts posted a new technique video on “Velveteen Stamping,” that I really liked!  So I gave it a try with this week’s vid, of course putting the contadina K spin on it!  Nice, subtle effect.  If you’re interested, below is a list of materials that I used to make my card.

Cardstock: Papertrey Ink

Springtime Sparrow, Stamper’s Best
Kaleidoscope and Floral Flair; Fiskars
Sentiment, Hampton Arts

Frost White Pigment Ink, Colorbox
Spice Tin, Malted Milk, Soap Box, Brown Sugar; Jenni Bowlin
Victorian Velvet, Spun Sugar, Wild Honey; Tim Holtz
Rich Cocoa (for bird), Memento

Burlap Ribbon – Craftsmart from Michaels

Scales Texture Plate – Fiskars

I’d also like to share with you that thanks to a fellow youber,  I just found Viva Las Vegas Stamps and am so psyched to have a local shop to patronize!  For any of you crafters, they are having a DT call right now! Click Viva Las Vegas Stamps!


3 thoughts on “Seedlings Galore and… New Video Tutorial – “Pastels for Spring”

  1. Hi, I recently found you on You Tube, looking for card making tutorials, and have enjoyed your card creations. In this week’s video you mentioned being bored with your stamps and wanted suggestions of other stamps and companies we enjoy. Have you heard of Raisin Boat Stamps? It is a company that offers a unique opportunity to try their stamps through a rental program. It is much like Netflix. You sign up for how ever many you want to try each month, set up a “pick list” that will determine the sets and order of those you try, and they send them out to you in the mail with a postage paid return envelope. If you decide to buy any given set, you can keep it and you’ve saved shipping! 🙂 Recently they added another feature called “keepers” that offer other items (such as ribbon, cardstock & envelopes, Copic markers), you can keep under your monthly rental plan, instead of trying a stamp set. I’ve been a member for over a year and have really enjoyed it. Check it out at http://www.raisinboat.com/ !

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