Getting Intimate with Your Paper – Lacquered Leaves VideoTutorial Posted!

Hello again! I hope all of you had a productive week.  This will be a quick post –  I just wanted to share my new tutorial with y’all!  Recently, I’ve been so thankful that my eyes have opened a bit wider to all the inspiration that nature can provide.  During recent morning walks with my pooches, I’ve harvested branches, seedpods, feathers, all of which are finding their way onto my 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 in. mini canvases!  I’m sure I look really cool bespectacled and “be-sweatpanted,” squatting amongst the ducks as l forage for natural goodies.  My mother would be appalled as these days, vanity is definitely taking a backseat to art, craft, and the Contadina K haha!

Here’s a teaser shot…

A bit of paper piecing! Watch the video to get a better look at the awesome leaf effect!

Click Gratitude Friday: “Lacquered Leaves” to watch how it was done!  At the beginning of the vid, I also talk about the following subjects:

1) How hooking up with your favorite manufacturers on facebook can inspire your art!

2) Hampton Art – (go like them on Facebook and check out their awesome online catalog  – O. M. G!!!!!!)  you may be surprised at which brands they collaborate with to create some awesome product.  FYI, no one is paying me to give them a plug.  Peruse the catalog – it’s spectacular!

3) How participating in challenges and contests and submitting for publications can really jumpstart your creative muse.  I try not to think about winning but more about how in the doing, I’m becoming better and expanding my crafting repertoire!

I almost forgot – my supplies list!

Cardstock – Ripe Avocado and White, Papertrey Ink
Patterned Paper – A Beautiful Life, My Mind’s Eye
Ink – Frost White, Copper, Brown – Colorbox
Stamps – Thank You Footlong, Hampton Art
Flower #96491, Inkadinkado
Ribbon – Celebrate It, Basic Narrows
Embossing powder – Clear Super Fine, Ranger

Papers for the last shot on the video from Yours Truly, Echo Park

Before I sign off for the weekend, check out all the seedlings which have germinated!

Really Old Petunia Seeds that germinated - yay!

I probably started them too late…

These hollyhock seeds below were really easy to handle and by now have their second set of leaves popping out – will show them to you next time!

Hollyhock seedlings

The most wonderful development at my seedling station is that almost all of my Cobaea scandens, AKA “Cup and Saucer” Vine, which typically have low germination rates, have germinated!

Look closely - it's pulling out of its very dense case!

Last time I tried these, none of them sprouted!  Perhaps it was a combo of the propagation system from Gardener’s Supply and a heating mat underneath.  FYI, the tray in the propagating system that I got from them started to deteriorate after a few seasons.  You may find it’s worth it as long as it gets difficult seeds to germinate.  Looks like I’ll have 4-5 fast-growing vines which will hopefully filter out some of the hottest midday sun in Vegas – yeah boyeeee!  This year, I’m also starting seeds with a system from Park Seed – the plugs are really convenient, they don’t make a mess, and the tray is very sturdy.  Except for the Cobaea, everything is germinating in their 60 plugs, including old seed.

Finally, I want to share with you how my scrappy rescue turned princess, Pupusa, is handling breakfast these days…

Pupusa is so weird about food :-/

I think she must have had to fight for food while she was on the streets or with her previous family.  But she now eats breakfast primarily after Mabu has finished his.  She will wait for him to approach.   She will begin growling at him and then commence with her meal.  She will pick out half of the kibble and spit it out while looking for tiny pieces of roasted chicken which I’ve resorted to including in order to get her to eat.  Mooker has always had an awesome appetite, so while showing deep humility, he stands very still, waiting patiently until she’s done and has made her quite dramatic exit.  Then he’ll lap up her scraps.  If she doesn’t start eating better, I may end up giving her homemade food for breakfast AND dinner!

We also had a vet appointment this week – looks like Pupusa will have to undergo surgery for a luxating patella.  Please send us your prayers about this.  Since she started hopping, we haven’t been going on the walks she loves so much.  I’m hoping that ultimately, it will improve her quality of life and help her avoid arthritis.  But the next few months will include a devoted rehabilitation for us.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone – enjoy all the simple pleasures that this beautiful, amazing and awesome life has to offer!

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