Abundance… and One Stamp, Three Ways video posted!

Take a look at these kale plants that fed us through the winter months!

Russian Kale that I started from seed last autumn.

I lurve the fragrance that kale emits as it sautes in the pan.  I’ve always been a simple cook – my favorite way of preparing kale is to caramelize onions with some chili flakes, add chopped kale, garlic, and garbanzos to the mix, season with salt and pepper, finally tossing with some whole grain pasta.  Once it’s in my bowl, I spread parmesan liberally and top off with a shake of balsamic vinegar – yummmmm!

My parsley patch has recently started shooting upwards.

Parsley patch

Last year, it was born from a careless tossing of seeds onto an open area of the garden. Last night, I was able to chop off a handful of this freshly scented herb and use it to flavor my pasta.

The lemon balm is starting to trail…

Lemon balm

And since the crocuses have announced spring here…


I’ve started to set out some tender seedlings.

As promised, here is a shot of the Cobaea scandens, which germinated nicely this year!

Cobaea scandens

They’re still holding on to their caps!

Life abounds here on the Contadina K farm, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Over the past few days, I’ve been gently pulling the beautiful kale out of the ground in order to make room for some new melon seedlings that recently germinated. It made me feel sad to do this to plants that have produced so well for me.

The last of the kale for this year.

But I will save the seeds from this one for a planting next fall.

One plant I'll allow to go to seed.

Look at what I found teeming in the soil!

Worms galore

Big ones and little ones…

More worms

They had entwined themselves in the roots of the kale and were writhing and wriggling from having been disturbed.  At this moment, I desperately wished I could have shared this in the company of another gardening enthusias – it was such an affirmation of life!

I had ordered worm egg cocoons from Garden’s Alive last year, popped them into the ground, and this year, the soil is so healthy that I don’t think I need to amend it at all.  For less than twenty bucks, a totally organic solution to poor soil!

Witnessing of all these developments in the garden, a word kept coming up for me – abundance.   As I went back into my craft room, I reflected on the abundance of crafting supplies I own.  Have I exhausted the potential of each piece in my stash?  No.  Should I?  Well, of course!   As an exercise, I took one stamp that I had owned for some time and played around with it for a few days.

Not only did I end up with satisfying results, I think that this little experiment liberated me to try out styles towards which I wouldn’t normally gravitate.

Here’s my teaser shot to lure you over to the tube!

Teaser for Gratitude Friday Video, "One Stamp, Three Ways"

Check out the video:

Gratitude Friday: One Stamp, Three Ways

Supplies List
Cardstock: Kraft – Michaels
Stamp: Friend Set – Hampton Art footlong
Boysenberry, Copper, and Parchment Pigment Ink – Colorbox
Paper Punch – Martha Stewart
Pearls – Recollections

Cardstock: Papertrey Ink
Patterned Paper: “Yours Truly,” Echo Park
Ink: Cranberry Pigment – Colorbox
Tuxedo Black – Memento
Stamp: Friends Set – Hampton Art footlong
Super Fine Clear Embossing Powder – Ranger
Heart Punch – Fiskars
Postage stamp punch – Fiskars

Cardstock: Papertrey Ink
Cough Syrup and Lemon Drops – Jenni Bowlin
Faded Jeans – Tim Holtz
Tuxedo Black – Memento
Stamp: Friends Set – Hampton Art footlong
Twine – The Twinery

Until next time!

Oh, and if you have a moment, check out this great article from NPR on Imagination and Creativity here!


2 thoughts on “Abundance… and One Stamp, Three Ways video posted!

  1. Isn’t kale miraculous? So hearty. A couple of mine were camouflaged and I didn’t even realize they were still producing. I trimmed them and they’re going bananas. I think it’s kale smoothie time.

    • Yes – I think it’s one of my favorites! Trimming really does stimulate more production! Have you tried Tuscan kale? Perhaps this fall, I’ll try it and see if I taste a big difference.

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