Finding Beauty in the Everyday and… New Video Posted!

Hi there everyone!  Hope you had a terrific week – this week was just a bit tough over here.  My poochy princess, Pupusa, is in the midst of healing after major surgery on her leg, and I’ve got to keep my eyes on her at all times.  She despises that plastic collar the vet gave us to prevent her from licking the wound.  So I try to limit its use to evenings while I’m sleeping and can’t keep an eye on her.  Even then, she sometimes has a doggie equivalent to a human hissy-fit.  I feel guilty writing this, but it’s kind of funny when that happens.  My man has been sick for several days, as well.  So life hasn’t been what it usually is.  But there were also some fantastic aspects to this past week for which I am profoundly grateful.

In my last post, I mentioned my upcoming video, “Gratitude Friday Cardmaking Tutorial: Packing Your Punch with Some Punch,” which posts today.  Boy – this one was tricky.  I was thinking about it all week!  This tool I so dearly love got quite a workout, – you should have seen it!  I was manipulating that punch every which way, staring at it for hours, punching everything in sight… I exaggerate, not really haha!

In the end, I came up with a few really fun ideas that I hope you’ll check out over on the tube.  But for the most part, I think what I’d really like for you to get out of this video and the last one, “One Stamp, Three Ways,” is a practical attitude with which you can approach the crafty goodies you have, one which has really exercised my mind and one which I’ve found to be deeply satisfying.   It’s helping me to get the most use out of what I’ve got and also to be very discerning about what I choose to add to my stash.  There are those goodies that have one specific use, that speak exactly to who you are and excite you beyond belief.  And of course you must have those items.

But if you’re on a budget like I am, I think it’s also useful to consider the creative potential hidden in what you have and what you may be about to acquire.  VERSATILITY was the word for me this week.  There are some punches that can be ever so versatile.  And then there are those, like that elephant punch I purchased early on in my crafting journey, which is sitting in a box above the cabinet and which I have no plans to use.

But I’m definitely meditating on my classically shaped punches with fresh eyes – circles, squares, etc.  A little aside, can someone please tell me why I can’t find a hexagon punch anywhere?  If they are so hot, why aren’t there any hexagon punches to be found?!  Me want!  Many uses!  Me need!

In this video, we’re going to look with fresh eyes at the new Fiskars /Jenni Bowlin banner punch, Martha Stewart’s leaf punch, an EK Success Circle Punch, and a Fiskars Heart Punch.  Teaser shots below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you guess what these detail shots depict?

Preparing the soil in my patch this week, I was able to appreciate the beauty in what most would consider mundane – worms wriggling in the soil, ladybugs hidden in the grass, butterflies, moths, bees and hummingbirds pollinating all the blooms in my spring garden.   What a blessing to have eyes that see!  It makes sense then, that the cards this week feature these little beauties.  Hope you’ll come watch!

And if you haven’t yet, please subscribe here and there! Lurve making connections and sharing inspiration with you guys through this cyber ether!

6 thoughts on “Finding Beauty in the Everyday and… New Video Posted!

  1. I just watched your video on You Tube and just had to tell you how much I loved the lady bugs…so clever!!! I don’t have a channel, so I can’t leave a comment there, but I did “like” it. 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend! I’m looking forward to having a break from babysitting and home schooling because next week will be our spring break! 😀

    • Thanks, Lisa! I worked all day to get it out, and so I’ll have to update later tonight with the supply list. Thanks so much for hopping over here to give me your sweet comments. It really makes my day! You have a great weekend, too – hope it involves a bit-o-craft! PS – Aren’t the ladybugs just adorbs?! After I made the first one, I was cooing to myself in my craftroom for way too long haha!

  2. Hi Vivian!
    What wonderful uses of your punches…It is always nice to get “out of the box” inspirations!
    I am in the process of removing old nasty carpet from our home in prep for a different type of flooring…I just spent the whole day moving out my craft area of one of my rooms. It made me feel overwhelmed and kinda down about how much I have and how little I use it b/c I can’t get to it. (We are a family of 5 living in less than 1,000 sq/ft and hubby works from home)
    I really need to start being content with what I have and start being creative.

    I hope Papusa is doing well…poor baby…did she by any chance have FHO surgery on her hips? I was just curious. Prayers are being sent up on her behalf.

    Thanks again Vivian for sharing another wonderful video!


    • Hey Val! How have you been? Removing carpet does sound nasty and exhausting! Keep your eyes on the final result – smooth flooring that’s easy to clean! Sorry your stuff is not in order with the move and that you’ve been down. My suggestion, pull out one or two of your really versatile sets and take over a corner of the dining room table – you deserve it! While the fam is watching TV, start playing around on scraps, let some ideas brew until you have a space back to yourself. Then your project will manifest with ease!!! Pupusa had a luxating patella. So post-surgery, limited movement for 6 weeks – won’t be easy with an energetic pup. Thanks for your prayers – today she seemed to be in a bit of pain.

  3. Vivien
    I friended you sometime ago after watching one of your you tube videos and I have been following you ever since. I had never used you tube before as time didn’t always allow (guess I didn’t make time) but now I am addicted – haha. You are so terrific at card making and I love seeing what you are doing in the garden. Just planted cilantro, basil, oregano and rosemary this morning. Gave up on some veggies as here in Florida I am not having much luck. Although Thai peppers do very, very well for me. I hadn’t done much in the way of card making for the past year so now I am trying to catch on to new ideas and see what everyone is doing. YOU have encouraged me to get back in to cards. Thanks for the sharing online – you are the best.

    • Roberta – your comment here is the sweetest thing yet anyone has said to me about what I’ve been spending my time doing. Thank you so much for that – it warms my heart, and your response is exactly why I do it! When I didn’t have time to craft because I was working way too much, just watching a youtube crafting video before bed, even a really simple one, would so so so pacify me. So this is my attempt to give back to the tube!
      So glad you’re into gardening as well. These two loves really feed each other, I think. I have some neat ideas for the future about melding these two loves. And so glad you’ll be around as things evolve. Yes, it’s tough to grow stuff in Florida – I’m wondering if melons would be happy there. They need tons of sun and tons of water, but also a lot of space, so…. Maybe a mildew resistant variety – check out http://www.kitchengardenseeds.com to start. I’m going to try them this year, squeezing them into the little space we have in the back.
      Thanks again, Roberta. Your words really meant so much to me. After reading them, I said out loud to myself, “Oh, that is soooo sweeeeet!”

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