Easing the Bite of Hard Times

For this week’s youtube video, I decided to delve into new territory – sympathy cards.  In doing so, I began categorizing periods of my own life, good and bad, and remembering how severely the bite of hard times can sometimes sting.  Whether brought on by failures, trauma, rejection, or loss, when in the midst of it, life can feel unbearable.  There are innumerable experiences from my 20’s (which I despised), in which I felt inconsolable.  Oh, if only I could have spoken from this oh so much wiser vantage point (I hope you can hear the sarcasm, I’m only slightly wiser) to my slightly younger self!  But honestly, if I could have shared the palpable knowledge with her that the potent pain that literally brought her to her knees would pass, that down the line, the memory of it might fade as well, believe me, I would have.

I was brainstorming this week what kind of visual metaphor would adequately represent what I’ve just shared with you, and I came up with a card that uses pigment inks, masking, and careful blending.

A Card to Comfort Someone in Pain

The format and the repetition of horizontal lines is in itself pacifying,

Horizon Card Detail

the warm color palette, comforting.

The craggy peaks in the foreground represent the pain your loved one is feeling, and the horizon, truth that the pain will fade.

Horizon Card Detail

Come on over to the tube, get yourself a cappuccino or a cup of tea, and watch the video to see how it was done.  There’s more to the sentiment that you’ll see at the video’s end, and I’ll give you some blending tips as well as some dollar savvy crafting tips.

Oh, and I mentioned this in the video – if you’re not a “drawer,” and you’d like to have the template I drew for the “Horizon Card” just

1) Subscribe here and on youtube if you haven’t already,
2) Leave me a comment here telling me about, or better yet, linking me to a pic of a recent crafting success, and
3) Message me on my youtube channel giving me your email and telling me you’d like me to send you the template, free of charge!

I haven’t done this before, so we’ll see how it goes.  This template will be available until a week from today and no longer, as I’m pretty sure I’m going to get busy with various projects in the coming months.  If it goes well, I may do the same with my Vintage Hat Card, which btw, I just found out, is going to be featured with an Australian company this summer – yay!

Gratitude Friday Cardmaking Video: “Empathy”

Have a great weekend, y’all!  I will leave you with a quote I stumbled upon from a well-known artist:

“Seek the poetry of the unsaid. Above all, develop sincerity; it is the key to originality, and it is easier on the psyche than cutting off your ear. Style is not novelty. Sincerity exacts a cost. It means being you, in spite of trends. It is the only way you will eventually be separated from those who run with the pack.”

– Frank Webb on style.

Cardstock: Vintage Cream, Enchanted Evening – Papertrey Ink
Kraft – Recollections, Michaels

Ink: All pigment inks from Colorbox
Cyan (part of Pinwheel Petalpoint set)
Frost White
Ochre (part of Arboretum Petalpoint set)

Font:Bickham Script Pro
Printed from Adobe InDesign


4 thoughts on “Easing the Bite of Hard Times

    • Gladly – I am out of town nursing my mother back to health but will be back in my craft room mid July. I will email it to you then! Thanks for your interest!

  1. Vivian,
    This card is so beautiful and you hit it on the nose with the sentiment. I love listening to you as you make the cards as they come from your heart. So beautiful . I would love the template if you still have it. Missvic79@ yahoo.com

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