Peep peep peep!

So I had been feeling like Easter was going to come and go with no Easter cards from Contadina K. I didn’t own any Easter stamps and was feeling somewhat uninspired. Then I stopped by CAS-ual Fridays blog and they got my crafty mojo goin’ on!  The challenge was to make a card featuring something you’d find in an Easter basket.

So I poke my head out of my craft room and yell upstairs, “Hey, hunni?  Are you busy?  I’ve got a quick question.”  He tells me that’s fine.  “What items would you find in an Easter basket?”  He tells me what I already know, and after a big of digging, I learn that he never received Easter goodies growing up, that this is just what he’s seen others enjoy.  Then I quack back, “Wah wah wah, poor baby!”   In earnest though, it is a bit sad, ’cause I don’t think my man knew nearly enough about celebrating before me.  He may disagree, but I believe it’s become my job to show him how to spice up life with celebrations at every turn – cocktails and toasts, wonderment at nature’s little treasures, an appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.  But I digress.  Back to the card.

I sit on the challenge idea, finally deciding to make a shaped card, as the last Vintage Hat Shaped Card was such a winner! So I sketch out an egg template, folding and cutting so that there’s a clear crack across the middle.  I make these adorable webbed duck feet that are supposed to kick out through the crack. Because I want you to get a good laugh out of this, I’m going to share with you that piece of the process.

Duck Feet

As I do possess just a bit of pride, I am not going to show you the final card.  The whole process, though resulting in failure, was such a riot.  I laughed to myself the entire time I crafted the dang thing. J thought the webbed feet were slanted, squinty eyes haha!

Tickled pink at how much entertainment could result from this silly, ugly creation, I put it aside, shut off the light and dog-pile on the sofa with my pack to catch the most recent episode of Fringe before calling it a night.

This morning, after taking care of all the furry babies, determined to give my guy something that would make him smile on Easter, I set at it again.

Pink Peek

This little one above is making a dainty arrival.  The little guy below is taking his time.

Blue Peep

Those are feathers left in the wake of some duck quibbling that had recently gone on at the pond. This little one below is entering the world kicking and “peeping!”

Orange Peep

Come on, a webbed foot?  That **** be funny!  It had to stay on there somewhere.  I had never heard of “Peeps,” those marshmallow-y treats that come out this time of year.  Thanks to my guy, my frame of reference widens in girth.   I can’t share with you some of the terms I’ve learned from him.  That would be a completely different blog with a completely different audience.  I digress.

Personally, these popular, artificial “Peeps” gross me out and I think I’d eat one only if you paid me a million dollars.  But the word, “Peeps?” Lurve!

Fun Easter Card

Thanks for the laughs, CAS-ual Fridays!  I’m also entering this card in this week’s
Creative Inspirations Challenge
Simply Create Too Challenge
The Pink Elephant Challenge
Top Tip Tuesday Challenge

I leave you with the state in which I found my Black Iris this morning.

Blooming Black Iris

Mmm.  Mmm.   Mmm.  She’s turning a gorgeous, deep eggplant color.

Time to do some weeding!  Happy Easter, y’all!


11 thoughts on “Peep peep peep!

  1. Oh this is really cute and what a fun card. Love the design with the eggs hatching. Thanks for playing at Top Tip Tuesday and good luck. Hope to see you back tuesday for a new challenge. Bettina xx

  2. Another great card. On the first one, with the web feet, all you needed was a little face looking out between those feet – breech baby LOL. Hope your Easter was a good one.

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