Could Georgia Have Done This One Any Better?

Quick post, ya’ll. Much to see, little to say.

Within a day, the black iris that I planted late last fall, “Black Knight,” went from bud to full bloom.  Fortunately, I was there to catch the fleeting display.

Black Iris

Whoa. Mamma. And a Mmm.  Mmm. Mmm!  Can you believe this outrageousness?  In the strong afternoon sunlight it’s a deep, iridescent purple.

Black Iris View from Above

Undulating waves of pure passion!

From certain angles, it takes on its namesake color.

What a blessing to have been able to witness this spectacle of nature. The photographs   don’t do it justice.  When I don’t block the strong Vegas sun, it’s almost flourescent.  Look at the beard!

Black Iris

And a beautiful surprise – it’s scent!  Hints of clove, pepper, licorice – so refreshing.

What a joy it has been to have this post in the ether where the beauty I encounter is not lost solely on my eyes…

Too bad the moment was somewhat marred by yet another stinky turd left by that dang neighborhood cat in the vicinity of this glory.   Despite much searching, I haven’t been able to locate the turd and dispose of it 😦

I harvested these beets yesterday afternoon, as well.  Beautiful in a completely different way.


On a whim, I shoved some seeds in the ground last winter, and they got busy a month or so ago.  I believe the variety is called “Boro.”

Beet Greens

The leaves are meaty and substantial, and the red veining, striking.  I wish I could convey to you how satisfying it felt to pull them, how easily I was able to lift them out of the earth.  The beauty of this moment was very much tactile.  For our lunch today, I’m going to saute the greens with garlic and toss them with some whole grain pasta.  And I’m going to boil the roots and slice them into our salad this evening.  I’ll let you know how they compare to the store bought ones.

Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Could Georgia Have Done This One Any Better?

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  2. Indeed – being a food nut I am also drawn to the last picture, although the flower is incredible! I too had a beet leftover, only one, but the greens went into a stir fry and the beet itself went into a smoothie and nobody was wiser but for the gorgeous color!

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