Hampton Art’s Designer of the Day!

Hi there, everyone!  If you didn’t see my recent announcement, I’m overjoyed to share with you that I recently won a place on Hampton Art’s Design Team for 2012-2013! Each day for the last week or so, they’ve been featuring one of the very talented ladies on our team on their blog. And today, it’s me!

So I thought if any of you hopped over from Hampton Art’s blog and are first time visitors here, you might be interesting in seeing a few of my recent projects and videos.  The card below is one of my most recent creations.

Shaped Vintage Hat Card

Since it got such a good response, (featured in Sizzix’s “I Spy Saturday,” and will also be featured with Aussie Scrap Source this summer!), I’m going to do a video tutorial on it very soon.  The three cards below were of contrasting styles, but were all created with one stamp.

One Stamp, Three Ways

In the video that accompanies the project,  I sought to exhaust the creative potential of one tool, in this case, a stamp.  The experiment was satisfying for several reasons.  But one of the best outcomes was that in stepping beyond the boundaries of my crafty comfort zone, I was able to grow my craft.

Take a peek at the video here!  You may find yourself inspired to try it, too!

I’m a big old tree-hugger, and so a lot of my art and craft is inspired by nature or incorporates found, natural elements, like with this card!

Lacquered Leaves Detail

On one of my treasured walks with my beloved pooches, I harvested these very dry, substantial leaves – I believe they are Eucalyptus – and gilded them to add texture to this card.  This very easy “Lacquered Leaves” technique video is here!

Big on upcycling – this original faux granite effect below was achieved with ripped up egg cartons and watercolors and can be used with a variety of projects!

Faux Granite Technique

If you want to learn how to do this, I have yet another video here!

I also adore watercolor, the way it mixes on the page, and the luminosity one can achieve through this medium.  These are a few of my paintings that I felt were successful in one way or another.

Shaolin Training #1

The painting above is of my friend, Mary. When I snapped the shot upon which the painting is based, she was in the midst of some grueling Shaolin Kung Fu training. I wanted to capture the intense, blood and sweat nature of this type of exercise, as well as the complex intent of the participant.

J took me to Hawaii last summer – I had wanted to go there my entire life.  And the trip did not disappoint.  I saw this beautiful woman with sun-kissed skin making leis, and I knew I had to paint her!

Hawaiian Girl Making Leis

If you saw the interesting tid-bit about me on the Hampton Art blog today, then you are aware that since we moved to Las Vegas, beyond the lovely relationship that J and I share, we’ve had little opportunity to socialize.  Well, a former colleague of J’s named Carrel, now living in Vegas with hubby and young twins, has recently found a bit of time on her hands as the kids are now in school.  She emailed me about a week ago asking if I would show her my craft room and give her suggestions on how to get started scrapbooking for her kids.  I was really excited about sharing my joy of craft with someone face to face.   And let me just start by saying, we had a blast!

She brought her friend Andrea along, and after a bit of sushi, I brought them into my lair and talked to them about the essentials in getting started – paper trimmer, scoreboard, die-cutting machine, versatile stamps, inks (You know I can talk forever on these subjects).  Carrel confided in me that she had been lurking on facebook and watching my videos for months.  And I think I may have been responsible for infecting her with the crafty bug, because she had told me previously that crafting had never been her “thang.”  So yay for me – this is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish here.

We finished out the afternoon with some cardmaking, and can I just tell you how wonderful it felt for me to see someone else get jazzed about craft, for the first time ever?   I guided her through how to send cardstock through the die-cutting machine with an embossing folder, and when she pulled the paper out to reveal all that texture, she literally hooted like a baboon, “Hoo hoo hoo hoo!”  Here she is with her creation, a 1st birthday card for a little boy.


So sweet, well-coordinated, and adorable – both the card and the crafter who made it! She’s going to save the polka dotted embossed piece for another project.  Btw, after scouring my stash of stamps, she chose a Hampton Art stamp for her sentiment!

My brand new crafting friend, Andrea, was able to create a bunch of striking cards in our one afternoon together.  She started with only a few sheets of boldly colored papers.

A few sheets of paper!

And look what she made!


Fabulous!   She rocked that Big Shot like nobody’s business haha!  Because these enthusiastic women allowed themselves to be completely open to a new experience, their unique personalities translated effortlessly to the card front!  Love it!

I tell you, witnessing others get completely absorbed in craft, watching their spirits calm and their eyes focus, seeing how much pleasure they derived from the simple act of making a card and knowing I had something to do with it was a tremendous blessing.  What a day we shared and I’m so thankful for it.  Hopefully we can meet regularly to get the crafty mojo goin’ on!

I’m a deep believer in the spiritual benefits of craft for all.  And I mean all!  The last day of my career as an adult ESL teacher, when I brought all my cardmaking supplies to my night school students, my crew of very macho latino men, men’s men who had done landscaping or construction all day long, totally went into the crafting zone.

Sweet Marvin Making A Card

Actually, they dove.  Do you see how they are so “in the zone!?”

Joaquin Making a Card

It was a rare instance in which the classroom, except for the pleasing sounds of  punches popping, papers rustling and some unconscious happy humming, became absolutely silent.

Macho Manuel Making a Card

I’m pretty sure a number of these men had never thought about craft in their lives.  And I’m willing to bet that they hadn’t ever handled a punch or a stamp either.  Now folks, I’m not suggesting that these guys become die-hard crafters like me.   I do believe, though, that if more of us accessed that creative part of ourselves more frequently, dare I say it? The world would be a better place!  The post below,

The Importance of Humility

honors my amazing students and all that they taught me. Despite a few physical problems that resulted from overwork and somewhat stressful circumstances, this teaching experience forever changed me for the better, and I walked away with a few friends I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

If you’ve had the patience to read through to the end, I thank you (I know I”m a bit long-winded regarding craft :-)).  Normally, I’m nearly mute haha! I hope that we will be able to get to know each other better in the coming months!  As a tiny treat for reading through, I will leave you with a 2 minute video that features the Queen of Dork opening her first ever goodie box.   You will laugh.

The Queen of Dork Receives Generous Goodie Box from Clearsnap

Wow, I’ve watched this a few times because I still can’t believe that’s me.  Am I really that dorky?  Signing off for now – can’t wait to share with you the bounty of craft to come on this journey I am embarking on with Hampton Art!  Huge HA goodie box scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  So you can be sure, there’s another dorky goodie video on the way!  Yeah boyeeeee!

8 thoughts on “Hampton Art’s Designer of the Day!

  1. I love it when people ‘get’ the paper craft thing for the first time. Being able to share your passion with someone who truly understands it is a blessing to be sure. The photos of the guys making cards are priceless. And I was salivating watching you pull all those gorgeous inks out of the box! Congrats.

    • Thanks so much! I know those photos of the men are incredible. I couldn’t believe how immediately they threw themselves into it. I had been thinking I’d have to do some convincing/begging. But this was one day, I had a ball just watching!

  2. You are such a talented person…gorgeous Hawaiian painting! And I love the pics of the men crafting. 🙂 Your cute “Queen of Dork” video made me giggle! I can’t wait to see the next one. 😀

  3. Love, love. love the hat card – especially the flowers made with polka dotted paper. Very creative and so wonderful. Congratulations!

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