Seedlings Have Failed and Lessons Hard Learned… But the TAGZZZZZZZZZZ Are Rockin’!

Some gardening mishaps to report, folks.   Contadina K’s seedlings haven’t done well this year.  😦 And if you garden, you know how much tender loving care goes into getting seedlings started.

So here’s how the situation devolved.  At a certain point under grow lights, after the babies had developed third leaves, they began to look limp and miserable.  They definitely had good lights and seed starting systems that had served me well in the past.  Germination rates were awesome.  This naive gardener thought, ‘Well, maybe they want to be in some rich soil, or perhaps it’s sun.’  So I transplanted earlier than I usually do, if at all, and put those babies in the sun…This turned out to be a bad idea.

Struggling Seedlings

Can you see that there are only maybe three out of… I’m not going to tell you how many pots that show any life at all? Did I fail to dilute the fertilizer enough prior to watering the little suckers?  What the heck went wrong?  Anyone?

Not for lack of attention, that’s for sure.  So so sad! These guys were stressed out, and I burdened them out even more by transplanting.  Then, with our temperatures of extremes, a bit of cold hit.  And despite my efforts to protect them, they started to shrivel.  Only a few are left, and haughty me, early on, I had thought I’d have seedlings to share.  Oddly, some babies that I put in the ground way early are actually happy .

Scabiosa Seedling

The Black Knight Scabiosa is perky and content.

And I’m hoping the pansies bloom before the heat rushes in here in Vegas.  I know, I’m pushing my luck here.  This weekend is supposed to hit atypical highs in the ’90s.  So so sad.

Pansy Seedling

Well, doing my best to look at the glass half full.  I have so little space to spare, the miniscule number of seedlings left will fit in easily. :-/

But this year’s failures have me leaning towards only the easiest seeds next year – direct planting as the soil warms up and none of this indoor grow light business.

Zucchini Seedling

I mean, look at how these zucchini seedlings happily popped out a few days after I had sloppily shoved them in the dirt!

Rudbeckia First Bloom

Easy Rudbeckia that I started last year has just begun to bloom for me. I just shot this first bloom this morning!  Riot of warm color in this one.  But what the heck is happening in the center?

Honor Rose

My “Honor” white rose was miserable for all of the 2 years that I kept her in a pot.  After nearly breaking my back last fall rock-sifting so that it could have a home in the ground, look how happy she has become!

There is nothing so sweet as the scent of a rose!

Honor Rose Buds

The canes used to be weak and spindly.  Now they are thick and substantial.  I’m preparing myself for a huge display as all these buds are maturing at once!  The bright blue Lobelia is also extremely happy right now spreading like crazy next to some sweet yellow primroses.


I guess equanimity must be my mantra as I discover what thrives here – wish me luck!  And another opportunity to be deeply grateful for and to cherish what I have.

On to an entirely fruitful development indoors!  Yesterday was one of those crafting days where everything worked out nicely and I was able to walk out of my lair with a creation in hand that I could prance and skip around the house with. Yes, folks, if any of you saw my Clearsnap Goodie Box video, you now know I’m a big old dork. So, yes, I prance and skip for joy and the best part is that this behavior I exhibit makes my man smile and laugh!

I ordered a Tag die on sale online at Joann’s, and as soon as it arrived, I started workin’ the crafty mojo!  After a few days of fantasizing prior to the arrival of my die, and a day’s work in the lair, I made something I adore!

Vintage Tag

The result of a gorgeously detailed Hampton Art/Graphic 45 ABC Primer Stamp set, used along with Sizzix dies, Prima papers, my Martha leaf punch, a new fave Smooch Spritz, Colorbox pigment ink.  And of course, intimate time with my paper haha!

Vintage Tag Detail

In the end, I was especially pleased with how the right products made manifesting a soft, vintage nostalgia such a breeze!  A stepped out tutorial for this tag will be ready for your viewing pleasure on Hampton Art’s blog May 1st, so keep your eyes peeled!

This week, it’s anything goes as Simon Says Stamp, so I’m going to give it a shot with this one!  See you guys tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Seedlings Have Failed and Lessons Hard Learned… But the TAGZZZZZZZZZZ Are Rockin’!

  1. Boo about the seedlings; I’ve been there many times and keep telling myself I’m just going to start things in the ground – no muss, no fuss… then late winter comes and I have to do SOMETHING FOR THE GARDEN. It’s a vicious cycle. Your blooms and tags ARE lovely.

    • I know, the gardening catalogs start coming in and you start fantasizing and making your lists. Well, good news – my guy just put together a beautiful arbor, just in time as my Wisteria is starting to take off. Will share the pix as the twining begins! Thanks for the compliment, Little Sis!

  2. We had the same problem with tomato plants last year. We put them out too early and they all died except one! It was amazing though that one little plant had so much will to live and flourished. Your tag is very pretty. I love all the subtle colours and details. Very elegant!

    • Thanks, friend! Oooh you garden, too? WOuld love to see what’s growing over there! Yes, it was just in the 40’s at night and this weekend is supposed to jump to the 90s – poor seedling babies. I pray for equanimity!

      • I don’t know if I would call it gardening but I try to spruce up the yard a bit with flowers and plants. I love researching and studying plants and garden plans in the spring. So many possibilities. I find it challenging to say the least!

  3. So sorry about your seedlings. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten all of my seedlings happily in the ground and/or happily growing after that. I have had a problem with gnats inside before.. and over watering can be a problem. But, I admire you for staying focused on the positive – your gorgeous tags and mature flowers!

  4. OH my my my….first all the WONDERFUL things your are growning then POW your STINKIN’ GORGEOUS tag!! TDF to say the least!!

    THANKS BUNCHES for playing along with Simon Says Stamp and Show!!

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