Missing My Momma!

Wow folks, I woke up this morning feeling absolutely lousy, and when my guy asked me why, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. This took him by surprise as I’m usually ridiculuously introspective and get great satisfaction from contemplating and resolving all my own “nooks and crannies.” The grumpiness, peppered throughout the day with deep, self-pitiful sighs, might have had a bit to do with the “you know what” that women are damned to suffer every month, Lord have mercy. But I’ve gotten pretty good at managing those particular blues.

This felt somewhat different, more pronounced. In the late afternoon, I finally figured it out.   I hadn’t spoken to my mother, my very favorite person, in weeks. She’s been accompanying her older sister on a trip abroad and has been without phone service.  And gosh darnit, though I be nearly forty, I realized that I seriously miss my momma. I started to share this revelation with my guy, but as I started to speak – don’t laugh –  I had to make some excuse to skitter into my lair because I almost started crying like a big old baby – oh brother!

It wasn’t just that I miss her. I started to think about time, how little of it any of us truly have here, and how precious the relationships with our elders become as we approach middle age. I recently did a 2 page layout of a wonderful moment we shared when I made a surprise visit on her last birthday – the pix I caught were priceless.  Here’s the first.

A Big Surprise

I laugh big belly laughs whenever I look at this one – confusion and disbelief haha!  And there’s my aunt, just as hysterical, muttering the way Koreans do when something is shocking, “umuh umumumumuh!”

You will see the layout on the Hampton Art blog in July so only a tiny sneak peak here hee hee!  I took my time with it and can’t wait to share it with you.  But back to my blues – I decided to take an indefinite break from the rat race of papercrafting challenges and contests to get back to the practice what it is that I most love about cards – meditating on loved ones and making them happy.  So I channeled my weepy feelings about my momma into this card!

Love My Momma

A single layer card by moi?  Whuuuuuuut?

I used this awesome wood block stamp PS0620 from Hampton Art – I find the multitude of lines captivating.  And when I use stamps like this one, my appetite for stamping beautifully detailed images with minimal effort is sated!

I have been visiting the Aussie Scrap Source blog a lot since I found them a few months ago – they’ve been posting really inspiring, educational articles on design theory basics –  a recent one was about repetition.  And what I read inspired me to design this card the way I did.

My Faber-Castell PITT artist pen big brush markers were used to color – the india ink is luxurious to apply and goes on saturated, smooth, and strong.  FYI, these aren’t the markers to color onto stamps themselves and then transfer – the ink balls up and doesn’t stamp evenly.  These markers are for adding rich, saturated color to your projects.  And the brush pen tip helps you get into the tiniest of corners with EASE.

Love My Momma Detail

So, two thumbs up for me on these markers. Applying one hue per bloom pacified grumpy.

Love My Momma Supplies

As for the sentiment, I mentioned the HA/Doodlebug sentiment SC0473 stamp set in a recent video – great investment if you are just starting out with cards because it covers all your bases in the realm of sentiments.

Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!  With the profusion of happy, bold rudbeckias in our yard…

Rudbeckia “Cappuccino”

I’m inspired to paint them in watercolor!


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