What’s Cookin’?

Hey folks! It’s going to be a quick post today.  Currently, I’m working with some of my beloved Prima papers on a precious layout of my man and me. I wanted a circular format and I wanted to keep the clustering really tight – I’m having such a ball on this project, grunting regularly at the beauty of the various products amassed as such.  I so love the way it’s turning out that I can’t wait until it’s done to show you haha!  Right now I’m playing around with Martha Stewart Craft Clay.

Martha Stewart Craft Clay

I have been looking at this stuff at my local Michael’s store, hemming and hawing, because… do I really want to venture into this realm?  And it is a realm.  Well, as you can see, I broke down and picked the stuff up, along with silicone molds (the silicone molds for cake making worked perfectly, too).  It was so much fun working my hands into a clay-like substance and gettin’ all 3-D!  Makes me miss throwing pots on the wheel and dream about kilns and such.  One day in the future?  Near future?  Don’t tell my guy – I don’t want to overwhelm him as in the last month, my crafting ventures have spread from my lair and onto the dining room table.  The table is no longer visible beneath all my stuff :-/

But I digress – this clay is ultra lightweight, easy and clean.  Press into the mold, carefully remove, and wait 24 hours.  Then you can do whatever you want with the beautiful embellishments you have made by hand.  In an attempt to show restraint and frugality, I chose to start with just the white clay (the clay comes in primary colors, too) and paint the suckers afterwards.  I used various dilutions of Lumiere paints in Metallic Bronze and Pearlescent White to get this effect, which catches the deeper, richer tones of my Prima Fairy Belle papers nicely.

And that’s a little sneak peak into my current project.

Other projects in the works – I’m brainstorming the artistic potential of these products I’ve been working with and just about ready to start a mixed media painting with them featuring the stars of this summer’s garden – my rudbeckia!

More news!!!!  I just found out yesterday that I made the cut at Scrapbook Island, a shop in Blossom Hill, a suburb of San Jose.  I am now on their design team as well as Hampton Art‘s design team, and I couldn’t be more pleased!  I believe that within the last year, Scrapbook Island has hosted folks like THE Tim Holtz and THE Heidi Swapp, so having the chance to meet the likes of these talented folks and learn what they have to share is AWESOME, AMAZING, and INCREDIBLE to me! This shop is located right around the corner from where I’ll be living shortly!  So I’m especially looking forward to meeting crafters face to face and sharing my profound LOVE of craft!  I’m really craving the opportunity to share my artwork with a larger audience as well.

These developments may not seem like much to someone outside of my own life, but I must tell you that I’m so grateful for this chance to finally do in such abundance what it is that I love.  When I found out about Scrapbook Island, the first thing I did was bear hug my guy – all of this would not have been possible without his support.  Then I did a dorky happy dance all around the house – leg-slapping, hand-clapping, w00t-ing, the whole works haha!

Doin’ your thang?  Whatever your thang may be, do it.  I highly recommend it, folks.  Even when it seems like there isn’t enough time in the day – squeeze in 5 minutes.   When I was battling horrendous LA traffic, teaching double shifts of ESL in the barrio and literally not having enough have time to —- (I will allow you to fill in the blank), all I could manage creatively was a card.  No exaggeration, making cards saved my artsy fartsy soul.  It’s amazing to witness what manifests when you just start doing it!  Who knows where this path will lead?  Thanks for following me here, bloggers.  I’m so appreciative that you are here with me through all the twists and turns.


2 thoughts on “What’s Cookin’?

  1. Love your clay pieces and all the other little embellishments. I can’t wait to see the finished project. Congrats on getting on the DT for Scrapbook Island. Happy days!

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