Lovely Blossoms

Hi there, folks! If you’re stopping by from the Hampton Art blog, welcome welcome!  I am sharing a card over there today using a muted palette of kraft and black, a bit of rich Simple Stories paper, white pigment ink, and some bronzed embellishments to create a vintage-inspired card all about savoring this moment.  I think all of us, except perhaps the enlightened few, can get stuck in the “what if’s,” of the future and then lose out on all the deliciousness of the present moment.  So cards like this are great to stock up on and have ready to go.  They become awesome little visual props upon which we can rest our eyes now and then, and remember to appreciate the beauty in our lives NOW – there really is so much in this moment to be grateful for and so much to be learned!

Hampton Art Card

So if you haven’t yet, show me some love with a click and check out this project’s nooks and crannies!

The card uses stamps from this Hampton Art Blossom Sentiments stamp set.

Blossom Sentiments SC0396 Stamp Set

If you follow me here, you may have seen this set before – I adore the funky blooms, the whimsical flourish, and the graphic patterns that make stamping such a joy.  If you follow me here you also know that I love paper.  How can I express any more emphatically this profound love with just the written word?  Let me try,  “Oooooh I looooooooooove mah papuuuuuuhz!”  But there’s all this gesticulating that goes along with it that you can’t see.  Well, you get the idea.  Yes, it’s a strange obsession that verges on… fetish?  I think my friends are a bit worried haha!

Anyway, there are aspects to every style that I adore and respect.  So I make an effort to play around in all of them – I must confess that this is often a humbling experience.    I’d like to share with you the simple process of how I used the same stamp set to make another really simple card with a completely different look.

Using a rainbow selection of dye inks, I fed the stamping addict within by doing this…

Stamp the petals

You will only need 6 petals, but I know I’ll use all of these at some point, so I fussy cut all of them in front the the TV, thereby making my time spent in front of the tube feel like less of a waste.

Transparent Button Center

After this project, I realized that I want… no I need a huge assortment of transparent buttons.  How lovely is that droplet atop the dry embossed white card stock?

Next, I got intimate with the papuuuuhz and curled the petals using a bone folder.  A small glue dot at one end saved me the trouble of having to get out the glue gun and the subsequent pain which nearly always ensues when I burn myself with the hot glue.  Glue dots are a good thing.

Adhere with Glue Dots

And voila!

The Bloom Assembled

The finished card.

Happy Day Card

Please excuse if you dislike shadows – I love shadows on dimensional cards!  Loverly visiting with you here today!  I can’t wait to show you the layout I just finished – it uses a bunch of Sizzix, so I will post as soon as my Sizzix cards post on the Aussie Scrap Source blog!

Oh, and before I sign off, can I just share with you my joy?  I just received my first Design Team goodie box from Scrapbook Island!

Goodie Box from Scrapbook Island

Um, YUM!  I’m going to linger a few days while these colors, patterns, and textures percolate in the unconscious haha!

10 thoughts on “Lovely Blossoms

  1. Really enjoyed meeting you yesterday. Hope we can talk on the phone. Your posts have so resonated with me and enjoyed your videos.

    • Nancy – I’m so glad you visited me here. After I met you, I told my husband that I couldn’t believe I met someone as into papercraft as I am! I hope you are able to go to that workshop at Scrapbook Island with Ania Dabrowska. Sounds like it would be the perfect get away for you. When you get an opportunity, message me on youtube with your info!

  2. Have to go over to see more, but looks awesome! And those leaves and card are gorgeous! Congrats again on the new DT…they sent some yummy things, can’t wait to see what you make!

    • Hey Patricia! Thanks for stopping by! I saw that vid off Emma – so cute and funny. It seemed like the extra hoots the other kids injected into the song didn’t appeal to her haha!

    • Hi Gwen! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I was so sad to miss the meeting, but we will be road-tripping to San Jose and I’ll be able to make the next crop as well as Anna Dabrowska’s workshop – yippeeeeee! I’m so thrilled to have a chance to get to know you talented folks!

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