Figurative Potential

Well howdy, folks! These last few weeks have overflowed with crafty mojo. Actually, by this point, paper is coming out my ears. Don’t get me wrong, every morning, I thank the powers that be for this and countless other incredible blessings in my life. I will shortly be doing less crafting for a bit, which may just be a good thing, as I will be taking care of my mom for a few weeks.

My mother will be having total knee replacement surgery this Thursday and I will be flying out to help nurse her back to health.  Your prayers for her speedy recovery would be much appreciated – she is one of the brightest of lights in my life and I’m hoping to have her with me for a long long long time to come.  So in preparation for my trip, I made my mom this mini book with DCWV “Spring Fling” papers.

The Next Chapter Mini Book

The book doesn’t taper the way it appears to in the photo.  Apologies, I couldn’t accurately shoot it without putting my fingers in the photo :-/

The real shape of the darn thing!

Do you recognize the Hampton Art/Doodlebug SC0474 Stamp that’s featured at Hampton Art today (6/27/12)?

Stinkin’ cute stamp!

I was also able to give my HA/7 Gypsies IC0175 Stamp Set quite a workout throughout the book!

7 Gypsies Stamp

Clocks, hot air balloons, measuring tape – all the stamps in this set have figurative weight and I’m totally psyched that they could be put to good use in a rather non-vintage project!  By the way, the chipboard for this book was upcycled from a kashi cereal box – yeah boyeee!

Upcycled cereal box from Costco

I can’t sufficiently express to you how fantastic a meditation cards and scrapping can be.  This opportunity to channel positive energy towards loved ones does wonders for my spirit.   And while I’m not a new-agey type of gal, my intuition tells me that sending out all this good chi into the universe does, in fact, make the world a better place.  I prayed for my mom the whole time I worked on this project.  As a result, it is primed for her to fill up with photos and journaling of her thoughts and feelings about this major experience.

What was great about this little adventure was that I was able to reach for products in my stash and mine them for their figurative potential.

On the Edge Gear Die

This “Steampunk” die’s gears represent the hard work of rehabilitation.  So in this front section, she can put photos and journaling of her recovery.  I’m expecting she’ll have some pain after this procedure, so I want her to focus on the horizon as much as possible- how mobility will transform her life for the better.  I reached for the “Butterflight” die since no better embodiment of transformation exists, in my opinion!

The Next Chapter

The section marked off with this butterfly chipboard divider will document everything made possible by her newfound mobility – travel, walks around the neighborhood with her crazy chubby little pooch, and hopefully sometime soon, times spent with grandbabies!

Before signing off, I have to share with you a sneak peak at the project I’m currently working on.

Upcycled plastic packaging!

Upcycled plastic packaging!

A new way to incorporate texture!  With plastic packaging that was headed for the garbage!  Next post, I’ll show the finished card.


16 thoughts on “Figurative Potential

  1. I can’t wait to see your butterfly project. I love the looks of it just from the snippet.
    Your little book for you mom is so thoughtful and loving. What a great gift. I’m sure she will love and cherish it. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    • I appreciate your wishes, Tracy. Hoping this surgery goes well and that the results improve her quality of life. She’s been in pain for way too long. Btw, card is done and will post soon!

    • despite the circumstances, i know my mom and i will be able to laugh through a good chunk of the next few weeks together. she’ll ham up the poses while i take the pix for this journal haha! thanks for the good wishes, gwen. glad to hear your mom is doing well. will i see you at the next DT crop?

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    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Anna Karin. I’m a big fan of yours and really excited you visited here! My mom loves the book, is healing well, and is journaling when she’s not in too much pain. I will post pix when I go back home.

    • Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments, teammie! I think this marks the beginning of a bunch of mini books I will make as gifts. My addiction to all things mod podge has begun haha!

  3. This project is wonderful! Love all your ideas and good words. All blessings to you and your Mom with her surgery and recovery.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and for your good wishes. Mom is doing much better – still has pain, which was expected. But healing nicely, and making journal entries every day in her new mini-book! Hope you’ll visit again!

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