Yummy Messy Grungy Finger Painting Revelations!

In a few days, I’ll be getting on a plane to help my mother on her way back to wellness. Thanks to everyone who has wished her well. I am one of the few people my mother doesn’t feel nervous about asking for help from, so I’m so happy that I’ll be able to assist her during this rough patch.  Did you see the mini book I made for her to document this next chapter of her life?  Hope she likes it.  So I may be less present for a few weeks to come, but I’ll be back, with tons of pix of my very photogenic “Rama!”

On my last post, I also gave you a sneak peak at the card I was working on.  Here’s the finished product.

Ethereal Butterflies

Love how with a little dry-brushing on some upcycled plastic packaging, the butterflies ended up conducting light in this way.  See the shadows?

Montage of textures

The grunged plastic, some hem tape, some bling, and some scored blooms (tutorial here), DCWV “Old World” papers, and mother of pearl buttons all added to a nice variety of texture.

What I really want to show you today is the by-product of the process which led to the card above!

At first, I was going to go all red as such.

“Old World” DCWV Stack

So I scored some white core DCWV paper in a coral shade that I had cut into the kidney shapes, sanded, spritzed with “Sunkissed” Smooch Spritz, and finger painted with red Lumiere paint.

Finger Painting

Um, finger painting is just a little too fun.  Finally, I gave a spray of “Vanilla Shimmer” Smooch Spritz.

Still juicy here.

And once dry.

Final effect

Yes, a bit of work, but I can’t express how fun it was getting messy and finger painting, y’all!  I highly recommend it – lusciously grounds you in the present moment, guys!  Here are the little fishies drying after I notched them.

See the tutorial on the Hampton Art blog

I can’t wait to assemble and use in a grungy project later! Look how they glisten!  I’m thinking I may top an altered box with the assembled bloom – perhaps  a deep blue box!  Funkadelic, bruthah!!!

Grungy Fishy

Thanks for stopping by, folks.  Until next time!


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