Beautiful Grunge

I have a tutorial for this mixed media card over at Hampton Art today!

Beautiful Grunge

If you have a sec, go check it out!  I’ve shared lots of tasty close-ups over there as well as the story behind why I’m such a die-hard card artiste!  If you follow me here on my blog, you may have seen the card below before.  I used some of the same techniques as well as a Hampton Art/ 7 Gypsies IC0150 “Best of Times” stamp for my sentiment.

Ethereal Butterflies

Love this butterfly Sizzix die!  I am so smitten with the shadow effects created from a simple die-cut of plastic packaging.  You can trust I will be experimenting a great deal with this much unappreciated resource.

Still feeling sick, folks!  The lamest aspect of that scenario is that I’m completely unproductive 😦 But, I shall give you a teensy weensy sneaky peaky of a project I was able to finish prior to falling ill.  Tres tres mixed media 🙂

Very much inspired by the Rudbeckia that went nuts in our hot Vegas garden this summer.  You will see the full project at Hampton Art in September!  Hope to be blogging more regularly with y’all real soon!

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Grunge

    • Thanks, Marjie! I loved your stamped lady on your blog today, btw! And of course your gorgeous colors. I wish I could be that bold in my color choices! Do you have any videos on your techniques! Her arm doesn’t look swollen – it looks like a gathered sleeve 🙂

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