Ripe Melons!

Wow there’s nothing like a stint of feeling like crap to make you fully appreciate the return of health.  After minor surgery and doctor’s orders to stay off my feet, I began looking forward to this period of recovery and thought to myself, “Ooh!  I’ll just craft during my down time – yay!”  Boy was I in for a surprise.  Aches and pains suck the crafty mojo like a mutha and I didn’t do a lick of anything artistic for days upon days.  All I could manage was back to back episodes of “Game of Thrones” – I may have much of the dialogue memorized at this point.  Yes, I have become a fantasy/sci-fi geek and it’s all J’s fault. The good news is that this weekend I’ve been feeling infinitely better.  Thanks so much for your concern, friends.  I really appreciated your kind thoughts.

During my convalescence, several of my melons over-ripened on the vine and were invaded by hundreds of nasty critters.  With a heavy heart, I disposed of them – a whole summer’s worth of nurturing down the drain.  I should have photographed them in that state, but since they gave my guy major heebie jeebies, I had to dispose of the insect ridden fruits as quickly as I could – that was kind of funny.

But I was able to save one.  And I was so enthusiastic about it, I forgot to photograph before slicing into this lusciousness.

Eel River Melon

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm!  Simple pleasures, folks.  Nothing like simple pleasures!  If you’ve never grown melons, you must try it.  FYI, they need space.  And unlike other most other produce such as leafy greens and to a certain extent, tomatoes, you’ve got to have insane patience while you wait for these to ripen.  Perhaps some of my gustatorial ecstasy was due to this delayed gratification.   While I ate this one, I could not help but moan in delight.  I can’t figure out why my guy giggled so much while watching me eat 🙂  These suckers are goo -ooo- ood!

I also started some Galia melon seeds this year – a cross between cantaloupe and honeydew.  I had heard a melon is ready when it slips off the vine.  Any gardeners have wisdom on this subject?  I would think different varieties give different cues.  This guy’s skin was ripping open, he was very heavy, but the stem was not slipping.  I think I tugged a bit too hard, because the stem ripped off.

Galia Melon

Refreshing, not especially sweet, perhaps because I picked too early?  I swear, it was significantly sweeter after a day in the fridge.  I may try allowing it to ripen on the counter for a few days after harvesting.

Galia Melon

This shade of green is so energizing, don’t you think?  As soon as I got back to my crafting table a few days ago, I began working on a new project, one that’s been on my mind for many months.  Teensy weensy sneaky peaky…

I have been using my sprays quite a bit recently.  And I want MORE. Thinking about doing more of this type of work on wooden blocks for small mixed media pieces.

It’s almost finished, and I’m thinking about submitting it to a British publication, Scrap365, that recently accepted one of my favorite layouts – yay!  I had been suffering a bit of a publication dry spell, so this was great news. I found out about this magazine by participating in the forums at DesignTeamCalls.com – great great resource for us artsy fartsies.  Check them out.

I shall leave you this beautiful Sunday evening with a bit o’ love from La Pupusa Loca.

Acclimating to the pool

We are having so much fun showing her how to love the water.  And of course this session has already been scrapped – you’ll see Pupusa’s progression from ambivalence to elation on the HA blog in September.  Thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Ripe Melons!

  1. I had to laugh when I saw the melon, I tried melons for the first time here in Northern Ontario, Canada. Out of 4 plants, I have a million flowers and vines spilling out onto the yard and only “1” measly melon lol. Not sure why they didn’t produce more. Nice work by the way

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