The past few days in Vegas we’ve been blessed with lovely weather.   Thunderstorms, which at least where we are, were a welcome respite from the heat.  Last night, the rains cleared by evening so that the pooches and I were able to enjoy a beautiful walk around the pond.  This morning was also incredibly pleasant, enough so that I could harvest some things that have been growing.  I took the opportunity to get in some long overdue weeding as well.  Harvested another precious Eel River melon, and the veggies below.

Late August Harvest

Mmm mmm mmm!  I think eggplants are the most stunning beauties of the summer garden – I will always grow them.  The variety above is called “Fairy Tale,” and it is so clear to me why – look at those whimsical caps on their heads!  Tasty, but quite seedy, even when picked early.  Y’all who have difficulty living in the present – try gardening.  It  really is the easiest of meditations.  When I’m weeding, harvesting, or nurturing these babies, my senses grow ever more keen to the buzz of insects and the birds that come to visit.  Now becomes my everything, and the feelings of peace and equanimity for which I yearn stay with me long after I’ve retreated indoors.

I grew “Rossa Bianca” last year, and I think that variety has a milder, creamier taste, few seeds, as well as a more rotund shape.    I painted this variety below.

Two Eggplants

This painting and a selection of more of my watercolor originals and prints are available in my etsy shop right now, btw :-).

I just printed out a photo that I took of a beautiful turtle wading around in a pond that was teeming with a brilliant chartreuse algae.  So excited to start doing some initial sketching for a new painting!  I’ll try to remember to take progress shots to share with you!  Craftwise, I’m pulling out all the stops on PINK – getting projects ready for Breast Cancer Awareness month and a few fun blog hops!  Oh my word!  Blog hops!

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