Vascular Effects

Hi there, folks!  Wow, it’s been a week jam packed with good food, good company, lots of laughter, and some productive creative work.  I’m in the midst of completing some projects for blog hops – J pokes fun at me with an exaggerated excitement as these will mark the first “blog hops” of my crafty career.  His sarcasm aside, I happen to be very excited to hopefully make some new connections with crafters and establish good relationships with manufacturers.  I have several projects I’d love to share with you, but alas, I must wait until the blog hops take place in October.

During the latter part of this day, I allowed myself to let loose and get messy.  I started playing around with my hot glue gun and am pleased with the results – somewhat grotesque, and I love it!

Sneaky peaky only, as I may post a full tutorial on this one with Hampton Art in October.

I drizzled hot glue onto the project, and once dry, encouraged the darker pigments of various sprays to run into the crevices of this rather dimensional project.  Finally, I highlighted the raised surfaces with Clearsnap Mixed Media Inks.  Ultimately, I think the use of the hot glue added a very organic element to the project, and I’m going to utilize it more in future projects.  Give it a try – it’s quite fun to go crazy with a product you usually try your best to hide!

Have y’all been following Craft Wars?  I think I’m just about to give up on those guys.  In my opinion, the criticisms are often ridiculous.  Or perhaps I need to adjust my expectations.  It’s craft, not art,… I guess.   But why can’t the judges respond positively to the many inspiring artistic and occasionally abstract choices being made?

Anyway, considering their likes and dislikes, I think they’d hate this effect which I’m sharing with you today.  When I dragged my guy into the room to show him my project, I prefaced by saying it looks like something you’d encounter during a dissection.  In fact, the longer I look at it, the more the result reminds me of omentum, you know, the fatty curtain that hangs around our guts haha?  If the omentum keeps its momentum, I’ll have a full project to share with you soon :-).


13 thoughts on “Vascular Effects

  1. This one was funny and I couldn’t help but think that the project looked like guts…I am going to try and call you on skype since you have not provided a number J

    Description: FengShui_LogoWithoutTagline_Small

    Kathy Keh – Owner

    2135 Siesta Drive

    Sarasota, FL 34239

    (Across the street from Dillards at Southgate Mall)




    “What we vividly imagine, ardently desire, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.” Cezanne

  2. Hi Vivian!
    I do not watch TV so I am not sure at to what show you are referring to but, I totally understand what you are saying! My day job is to monitor comments on YouTube videos! Believe it or not, I get paid by a company who have over 800 videos and it is my job to monitor, respond, reply, and delete (profanity, sexually explicit, medical diagnosis, overly rude etc.) Unfortunately, most of my day is spend deleting such obscene, rude, abusive, violent profanity! Everyday I wonder, “what ever happened to the Golden Rule…If you don’t have anything nice to say then do not say anything at all!”
    I am drooling over your “Sneaky Peaky” and I can’t wait till you can share the whole post!
    Valerie Martin

    • Thanks for checking in, Valerie! Yes, some of the comments I get on youtube are random and strange – usually I just laugh about them. Perhaps the Golden Rule has been forgotten by most. Hope you are doing well!

  3. I love the effects you have created Vivian. Hot glues is always fun to work. I like to rub gold wax over it when it has gone hard. I found a great household silican (you know the sort that comes in large tubes) that makes super effects and it works out really economical for projects. Hope you dont mind my putting this. Cant wait to see your project in all its glory.TFS.
    Regards Florence x

  4. Hi Vivian. This is really cool! I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it. In the meantime I may have to try this myself.

    I don’t have cable so have not been watching Craft Wars but I think it’s sad that the judges are being so crass. Doesn’t that go against the grain of the whole crafting community? One of the things I love about the paper crafting community is everyone is so supportive of everyone else. It allows you to be completely creative on your own terms. I guess being nice doesn’t make “good” tv!

    • I hope you do try it, Tracy! Yes, sadly, it seems humiliating contestants really draws the attention of viewers. You aren’t missing much. In the last episode I saw, one judge insisted that leaves must be green and grapes must be purple, etc. She drove me crazy!

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