A Few Tasty Sneaks!

The last month has flown by – I’ve been fervently crafting in anticipation of some minor medical stuff that will get started this week.  And once that starts, I’m going to feel too crappy to craft for my MF and my LSS.  There are a bunch of projects which I desperately want to share with you this very moment, but alas, I’m only permitted to give you sneak peaks for now.

But before the tasty details, I want to share with y’all that I’m going to be Guest Blogging at none other than Two Peas in a Bucket!  Remember the sneak I gave you of Vascular Effects a few posts back?  Whelp, we shall be gettin’ all up in there November 1st at 2P’s, friends! Yay!

‘Kay!  First up, a detail of a card I made for my Pops, who has done an amazing job caring for my mom post-surgery.  She called me the other day crying tears of joy.  This prolonged recovery has brought the two of them infinitely closer, and my heart swells knowing that those two are continuing to grow as individuals and as a couple as they move well into their golden years.

Second, a project inspired by the feminine style I used to so love throughout college.

Once upon a time, I was so girly-girl.  What the heck happened?  Really.  I thought about it quite a bit actually, and I realized that years of overwork and depression, and hovering above red slowly pushed all the florals out of my wardrobe and replaced them with grey, brown, and black mix and matchables that I mixed and matched like nobody’s business!  Well, it’s high time to get that girly-girl back to the table.  She has shown up in my projects for some time now, sending unconscious reminders that she’s ready to partay!  So I’m going to make it a point to go clothes shopping.  Yes, years of being poor made me into one of the few women I knew who dreaded clothes shopping.  Color – what a potent thing it is!  Mental state totally influenced my color choices and I think the reverse is also true. As I slowly step out of the poverty mentality, I will try to share some of my fashion finds with you guys!

Here is a sneak of a third project that will post at Hampton Art in October – in the doing of it, I fell in love with my Gelatos.  What a great medium to work with!

The only consequence, now I’m going to be yearning for all the colors available until I actually am able to get them!

My LSS, Scrapbook Island, gave me a gorgeous array of My Mind’s Eye products to work with for September.  Thanks, guys!  And thankfully, the crafty mojo flowed like a mutha!
I made three projects for them.


a detail of a LO.  Remember – mats no photos as these projects are auctioned for charity.


And third…

Recognize my favorite Hampton Art stamp?  I got to color it in with new PRismacolor markers that I was able to score at 65% off at Aaron Brothers yeah boyeee!

Other news, I decided to throw my hat in the ring over at Lily Bee – I’ve loved their products since forever and oh my word how could I not jump at the chance to handle them with wild abandon over the next several months.  A little confession to interject, and I’m not exaggerating… I found myself smelling, well, that’s understating, inhaling new papers I had received the other day from Scrapbook Island.  I was able to stop, look objectively at myself and realize that this was not normal behavior.  Am I alone in this?  Do I need to find a support group?

Anyway, these were my submissions.   Number 1 features “Head Over Heels.”

Number 2.  Oops, I can’t share Number 2 – it’s reserved for a blog hop in October.  Maybe a sneak?  Number 2 features “Victoria Park.”

Number 3 features “Double Dutch.”

Not sure how many designers they are looking for to round out their team – competition could be stiff.  But folks, if you’re a papercrafter and you like their style, why not give it a shot?  A friend of mine voiced some insecurity about these types of opportunities.  Like my mom always says, “If you don’t throw the line, you will never catch the fish!”  Or rather, in her adorable accent, “Ip you don’t trow da rine, you nebah catcha da feeesh!” Haha!

I also firmly believe that whatever the medium, if you have a real passion for something, you’ve got to keep sending out your feelers.  Sooner or later you will find that entity that loves you and your ever so unique style and appreciates your skillzzzzzz 🙂  Go for it!

Wish me luck, folks!


4 thoughts on “A Few Tasty Sneaks!

  1. I am so happy that you are having fun crafting and inspired to fashion yourself up too, Vivian! I’m in my creative slump at the moment… Good luck on the DT call! I love that card!! Fun, bold with lots of texture! Good luck!

  2. gorgeous creations!! I used to be scared about applying to calls, but then I realized that the worst that could happen was they could say “no”! So good luck on yours, you are very talented so they would be lucky to have you!

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