A Doggie Project or Two to Share

Hi folks!  The layout that I made below is featured at Hampton Art today and my little rat, Pupusa, is the star!

Hop on over there, check out the tutorial, and if you’re feelin’ it, show me some love!  You will see how I crafted these small mixed media compositions….

with some of my favorite stamps and you’ll see the hidden journaling as well!

If you’re new to my blog, then you’re not yet aware that I’m completely nuts about my animals.  I’ve blogged about them and scrapped about them.  I cook for them, wrastle with them, and hug them all day long haha!  It’s the least I can do for these most amazing companions.   Observing them teaches me so much about how to savor the moment and enjoy life’s most simple pleasures.

Fortunately, I was able to catch this shot of Pupusa the other day while she was doing her “daily meditation.”  Since today is all doggie and the pic is hysterical and I want to make you smile, I thought I’d share this with you as well as a few other doggie layouts I’ve done this year.

Every day, when the sun is at its hottest and I let the dogs into the yard for their mid-day pee, Pupusa will trot over to the hottest spot in the yard, the spot you see above, plunk herself down as you see, half-close her eyes, and just chill.  Come on – that dog be meditating, right?!  And there ain’t no distracting thoughts clouding her mind neither!  The great benefit of watching her bask in the sun like this is that I, too, begin to feel completely at peace!  Crazy, right?  Since rescuing her, she has brought more joy into our lives than I could possibly have imagined.  And she’s proved to be a vibrant companion to our cocker, teaching him every day how to play doggie style.

Before I leave y’all, I’ll take this opportunity share with you a few other doggie layouts I’ve done.  This one shows, in fact, how we roll over here.

As I am willing to show you myself at my most unattractive, you must realize how much I love y’all.  Sadly, I’m quite an unattractive sleeper.  At least my mouth isn’t hanging open haha!  The one below plays with a popular phrase.

The detail of another LO below shows Pupusa savoring the odors carried on the wind.  In the end, I didn’t love the composition of the LO, but I will always adore the photo.

“This Moment is All”

I have one of my cocker, Mabu, whom I often affectionately call “My Mook.”

His black color makes it so hard to get a good shot.  Close up you can see him better.

Isn’t he handsome?  This boy has been with me through thick and thin.  And another of Pupusa post-surgery which actually won me a gift certificate at Scrapbook.com!

Hey y’all, I’d love to get more of that kind of recognition coming, the kind that would help this passion of mine somehow sustain itself.  Puttin’ it out into the universe!

That’s all for today – hope you have an amazing week.  If it doesn’t measure up,  my advice, BE LIKE A DOG.  Be like a dog and I promise the week will become infinitely more enjoyable.


3 thoughts on “A Doggie Project or Two to Share

  1. You know, i’m not an attractive sleeper either. My Henry doesn’t photograph well either… But you are so very talented, and I love all those uber cute LOs! Can’t wait to see your design team project… I’ve got one down… One to go!

    • Gwen! I love it when you stop by! I love these G45 papers, really and truly, but for some reason, it takes me awhile to get in sync with this stuff – go figure. So far, just looking the stuff. But I’m determined to get started today. The whole shadow box thing is new for me, and I’m struggling. Wish me luck!

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