For the Love of Cards

This past week, I’ve made several cards.  There were a few days of rather CAS infused crafty mojo, so I decided to submit to a few CAS-loving publications.  I will let you know how that goes!  I also made several cards for loved ones and shipped them out.  One for my Dad, who has shown himself to be the most tender caregiver to my mother while she rehabilitates after total knee replacement surgery – you’ll see that one at Hampton Art in October.  My Mom said he giggled when he received it because the card was wrapped up like a present.  Hey folks, my cards have a lot O’ texturzzzzz.  I’ve got to make sure they transport safely, so they get wrapped up in a bunch of tissue paper and then packaged and be-ribboned like a gift!

There was also a magical moment where I took a quick look at the mess on my crafting table and found the most random and beautiful combination of colors and scraps.  Has that ever happened to you?   I started playing around with the squares and rectangles and since have made a few cards with irregular grid compositions!  Here’s one of the last ones I made.

Lily Bee Harvest Market Collection

The black ribbons cross where the composition clusters.

And I was pleased that an easily punched butterfly could finish off the card so well!

Do y’allz have tons of paper?  When I look at how much paper I’ve got, the word that comes to mind is… obscene.  Despite my promises to myself to NOT buy more, when I step into my local craft store, I always find something I adore and it just happens to be 50% off!  On my most recent trip, I flipped through DCWV’s  “Tradewinds” Stack and realized that I had to have it.  The colors and patterns remind me of East Coast beaches in the colder months, and the burnt oranges paired with muted blues and gold foiling made me start moaning out loud in the middle of the store haha!  I know I know, I just can’t allow myself to even walk in, to even drive by.  I’m totally laughing while I write this!

With this collection, I made one card that you’ll see at Hampton Art in November – yes I’m working ahead.  And another below that I entered in this month’s DCWV challenge…

There’s something entirely otherworldly about sea horses – I could watch them all day long.

The organic stream of textured buttons and bling was inspired by bubbles!

I’ve been doing a lot of scrapbooking, and it’s been so satisfying this week to return to my first love, cards, and see them bring a smile to a loved one’s face.  That’s how this whole love affair with paper began!  Cards, oh how I’ve missed you!

On another beautiful, melodic note – did you see my announcement about PaperHaus Magazine?  Just taking a quick look at the other designers’ works, I know this experience is totally going to raise the crafting bar for me and challenge me to grow “like a mutha!”  🙂  Seriously.  People sometimes say they are honored.  Really – I’m HONORED.  And already, it’s clear that the spirit on the team is really wonderful – a very international bunch, diverse styles, and importantly, so supportive and sweet!  Wow – Frank and Christina have really knocked it out of the park with this pub and this amazing team!

For one of my first projects, I’m to make an altered piece or mini album.  So I started video-taping a project, and whelp, let’s just say… it sucked – totally didn’t like it and will put it aside for now and try to forget about how much time I spent on it.

But I had a great idea this morning – with my new HD video camera (thank you, hubby!), I will make a video tutorial for it, and I hope you’ll check it out at PaperHaus the first week of October yeah boyee!


2 thoughts on “For the Love of Cards

  1. Good for you….you will have to keep your creative juices running……you will grow in leaps and bounds….we will watch you do it……

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