Project Life-ey

Mornin’ folks!  Has your week begun with a bang?  Or has Monday been more of a draggy kind of day?  I got a lot done on Saturday and am pleased to announce that I will shortly have a new technique video to share – yeah boyeee!  Just to tease, let me say it’s all kinds of spontaneous, loose, liberating, and gosh darn fun!

Yesterday and today, I’ve been a bit under the weather, so I’m just going to try to go with the flow as well as I can.  I’ve got a post up at Hampton Art today –  the featured projects are all friendship and doggie love.  Hope you’ll hop over and take a peek – follow me as I embark on a Project Life-ey adventure that doesn’t overwhelm!  Little sneakies…

Lots of Doodlebug and ki Memories – I found that these papers and embellishments easily co-mingle.

The other LO is based on a little key ring trinket that has miraculously followed me through many moves.  I was cleaning out a suitcase and recently found it.

Hope you’ll stop by the Hampton Art blog and check it out!

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