A Garden Journal

Hello friends!  This truly has been a busy week – a lot of online activity for the Contadina!  And a lot of posts to share with you here.  Today I have a new video tutorial to share with you at PaperHaus Magazine.  It details the techniques that went into making this garden journal.

I hope you’ll check it out here – I was especially excited because I was able to break in my new HD video camera (a gift from hubby) to make it!  Yes I think I have the most supportive husband in the world.  If I didn’t share with y’all, I recently had some surgery, and there’s about a week of recovery where you’re pretty much unable to walk.  Hubby wrote a page-long list of dishes he could prepare for me to eat during this period, and had me check the ones I’d like to eat… The next morning, I took that list into my craft room, and looking at it for just a bit brought me to tears.  So grateful for the life we have and the love we share.

Anyway, I thought it would be great to document all the loveliness from our garden that withstood the intense Vegas heat, including a few goodies that really flourished in it.  Over at PaperHaus, I promised I’d share some of the inner pages here.  So here they are.   I didn’t want to be too precious about this book.  I’m thinking it will be a great reference, and if I’m blessed with seeds, I can slip them into small glassine envelopes and store them in the basic pockets of every page.  FYI, if you are interested in reading the journaling, just hover your cursor and pause the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes, that’s my handwriting and yes, it is just horrific.  But hey, it is what it is.  And why am I switching verb tenses?  What the heck?  Perhaps it’s because life in the garden goes on in such a spectacular continuum.  As the rudbeckia began to fade, the zinnia I thought I ‘d lost started poking through the dead leaves and stems that the rudbeckia had left behind.  Same thing happened with my trailing oregano that had overrun the side plot.  Cut it back to find the primroses from spring still there, sittin’ pretty, and ready to get going again.

Before I forget, I’d like to invite you to follow me on facebook!  I started a brand new public page, and you can easily hook up with me there by clicking the link in the right sidebar of this blog!

Whelp, the seasons are a-changin’ here.  Cooling off a bit, but in Vegas this means we have a few more really good growing months.  So I’ve scattered some kale and lettuce seeds.  As I haven’t been lucky with dill or cilantro seeds, I shoved a few store bought seedlings in the ground a few weeks ago.  Still so cheap and well worth the miniscule investment.  If I’m feeling up to it, going to start a few “Beira Tronchuda” seeds today.  Apparently a more delicious version of kale, and according to some, THE most delicious.  But not happy when started outdoors… Dang’ it all!  If you followed my spring seed-starting failures, you know I’ll be praying to at least get one or two plants out of these suckers.

Bulbs that I ordered have been thrown into the fridge to chill for several weeks.  And I’m still waiting to receive some snap pea seeds that I’ll coax up my arbor during the cooler months to come.  How about you, my gardening friends?  Have you begun any seed starting adventures?  Any recommendations?

Next post, I shall share with you in full my September’s feminine My Mind’s Eye projects for Scrapbook Island and sneaks of October’s rich Graphic 45 projects that I just completed.  Such different brands – this experience with my LSS has been sooooo effective at workin’ my crafty chops and I’m so very thankful for it.

7 thoughts on “A Garden Journal

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  2. Hello, This is beautiful. I hope you dont mind, I pressed it to my blog. You did such a beautiful job on it and actually on all the things you make. Love following your blog. Have a great day!!

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