Auction Begins Today – Proceeds to Breast Cancer Research

Hi there, folks!

I wanted to make a quick post today and let you know that if you’ve ever loved any of the projects that I’ve posted here, you now have an opportunity to own them or buy them as gifts!

My LSS, Scrapbook Island, is sponsoring an auction to support Breast Cancer Research.  And the auction begins today on their facebook page – if you have issues linking up, type Scrapbook Island in the search box and hook up with them.  Details about the facebook auction here.  Bid up to whatever amount you think is appropriate and you just may be the proud owner of a beautiful, handmade craft.

Bidding of the first item selected from design team projects starts at 10:00 am today and ends tonight!  Easy peasy.  Check their facebook page every day this week to see a different project up for auction.  This weekend, the rest of the projects will be auctioned in the store – details about that event here.

To whet your appetite, here is a slideshow of some of my projects they may auction.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I just finished a video in which I talk about several of these projects, too – “Crafty Eye Candy Galore,”  for your viewing pleasure!

I’d just love it if you checked out the auction.  It’s a great way to support important research as well as our continued efforts to inspire you!


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