Feminine Style

Hola amigos! How you doin’?  I’ve got a post up at Hampton Art today – a card that totally got me thinking about the feminine style I used to sport during my college years on the East Coast – florals, silky scarves, a great pair of jeans.

Notice I said, “style I used to sport.”  Don’t get me wrong.  I still love those things, but have little desire to decorate myself with them :-/

Yes, somewhere along my rocky road to the here and now, my interests in fashion got lost.  To be truthful, I’d rather be hugging my man, playing with my dogs, workin’ the soil, creating some goodie in my craft room, eating, sleeping.  But I’m starting to think that despite the fashion “shoulds” that occasionally buzz around my conscious ether, maybe this lack of interest in how I clothe myself is a good thing, a step along the path of knowing oneself intimately, stripped of accoutrement!

Or it could just be that I’m getting lazy haha!  Anyway, I hope you’ll stop by the Hampton Art blog today and check out my project here if you get a chance! Have a great weekend, folks!  This Sunday, I will have a video for you which you can enjoy over a cuppa! Sneak peak at some of the spooky effects for Halloween projects!!!

Oooh and before I forget, I just found out about this gigantic giveaway at Create from Northridge Publishing – I’m eyeing the Plain Jane spritzes myself.  Folks, you could win – I’ve been shocked at how many giveaways I’ve won in the last year – totally cra cra!!!  Here’s the link to the giveaway!


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