Humble Beginnings

Hi again, everyone!  Are you excited that the work week is over?  Look at what’s happening over here!

That is an “Otto’s Thrill” dahlia, folks.  And it’s bigger than my hand!!!  This plant was so unhappy this summer in Vegas, but now with cooler temps in October, she is thriving, and the star of our autumn garden.   Wish I had shot this in morning light – at that time, she literally glistens!

I’m planning on being in the garden all day tomorrow.  So I’m going to post this a bit early.  I picked up a humble little chipboard box at my local craft store a few months ago.  It’s been sitting sad and neglected in a dusty corner of the craft room.  Since I used up some of my old Glitz, I decided to dig into some of the new, “Yours Truly” gorgeousness!

A little Mod Podge, a little elbow grease, my handy sandy block, some distress ink, and voila!  After that, it was just about the incorporation of texturzzzzzz!

For the top, I applied some bling, sparingly, and a Jolee’s bloom I had been hoarding for just the perfect project.  Then as a final touch, I inserted a little left-over tulle and stick pins I had received from Scrapbook Island for my last round of projects for them.

The view from above…

Those blues and rustic whites say “Paris! Paris!” to me, even though I’ve never been there haha!  Love how it came together and am thinking about who I should give this to for Christmas.


5 thoughts on “Humble Beginnings

  1. Hi Vivian. My Dad used to grow Dalias. They always look fantastic. They have never been successful in my garden. Do you have to cane these at all? For support not for being naughty!! LOL! Amazing box. Really love it. Happy gardening.
    Regards Florence x

    • Haha! I should cane them, but I haven’t Net season, I will pick up supports, and they’ll be happier. Dahlias are some of my favorite flowers, all the varieties and shapes. So far the only thing I know about them is that if you have a really cold winter, you should bring the tubers inside and give them shelter. So glad you like the off the page project. It was fun to make!

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