Frightening Mixed Media Effects… Bwahahaha!

Hi friends,

As promised I have a few crafty items to share with you today.  1) a Halloween project revealed at PaperHaus Magazine today.   Detail shot below!  Full reveal just dying to be seen by you at PaperHaus!

2) A second mixed media project in which I tweaked the formulas a bit for a more elegant, eerie result!

The lack of saturation and random, ghostly hints of color lent to a neat final effect!  I made a tentacle-like bloom.

And placed a spider in its petals to startle you!!!

The textures achieved…

made me a happy crafter!  I also have for you today avideo tutorial which illustrates techniques that went into the making of both Halloween projects!   I invite you to watch the video and subscribe to my channel there if you haven’t already.  I plan on workin’ my new HD camera like nobody’s business over the next few months!  Click the link to view!!!


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