A Bit O’ Publicatin’ Lovin’

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post today – I wanted to share with you the awesome package I received in the mail today!  Inside was a copy of Scrap365, an amazing magazine published in the UK!

And inside that, was a layout I had submit for publication a few months ago!

While I’ve been incredibly pleased with the online recognition this year, publication in hard copy periodicals has been a bit trickier for me.  So I was ridiculously excited when this LO got picked up!  Even though the editor wrote me telling me that my LO had been accepted, for some reason, I couldn’t believe it 100% until I actually had the dang thing in my hands haha!  As a thank you, the folks at Scrap 365 also sent me a package of crafty goodies that I will promptly put to use!

Thanks go out to Susan at DesignTeamCalls.com for hosting Janna Werner on her site forum back in August.  Through Janna and the great folks participating in the forums, I found out about this magazine and this great opportunity!

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