My First Post with Really Reasonable Ribbon

Morning folks!  (If you are here for the Hampton Art Blog Hop, please scroll down to my last post) Just wanted to share with you a project that posted with Really Reasonable Ribbon today!  It’s my first post with them, and I thought I’d knock out an easy tutorial to start things off.  Here’s a sneak.

And another…

to lure you over there to check it out – an easy, affordable handmade gift!  Aren’t the colors in these papers striking?  So glad I got to finally use them.

FYI, did you guys know I’m having a giveaway?  Free crafting supplies!  So far, chances are really, really good that you could win.  Check it out here, and enter, why don’t you 🙂 ?

Hope y’all  have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “My First Post with Really Reasonable Ribbon

  1. Yep, I was lured over to your post today, and you showed how to make that wonderful tin, thank you so much. I had replyed the other day that I wanted to make some for the tops of some of my gifts, and I was wondering exactly how you did the inside and now I know, thanks so much. Have a great day!

    • Hi Correna! So glad you checked it out. I’ve been wanting to reply on the last post, but am afraid I’ll mess up the sequencing on the giveaway lol! Oh and FYI, to adhere the base pieces, I just used my tape runner with permanent adhesive, making sure to get the edges. The letters from the tin did not show through. Hope you have a great, crafty, restorative weekend!

      • Thanks for your response and I understand about the reply’s. I wasnt sure where to respond to this one, but I figured your own blog was the best. I am not sure I commented in the right place for the contest either but thats okay, I just enjoy your site and all the projects you do! Thanks for tip about the edges, I will make sure I do that when I make them. You have a great weekend too!

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