A Pretty Altered Project to Share

There’s a new challenge over at Really Reasonable Ribbon to craft “Anything But a Card + Ribbon.”  So I made this pretty box. If you guys have been following me for awhile, you will recognize this Cream Mesh which I’ve used to simply top off my creation.  Usually I rip and tear this stuff for some funky texture, but this time I left it intact to make a romantic, floppy flower.  Folks, it just happens to be on sale, so pick some up before it’s all gone.  Seriously – there isn’t much left in stock!  I’m really tempted to order more but I want you guys to have some to play with!   FYI it comes in green and red, too.  I promise you’ll love it!

Here’s another shot which shows the view from above.

FYI, in December, you will see this type of flower again on a project for PaperHaus Magazine – love this fiber!!!  In addition to this beautiful fiber, I used a subtle striped paper from the new Teresa Collins “Now and Then” Collection, edged the top with washi from the same collection and popped one of Teresa’s beautiful brads in the center.

Hope you’ll play along over at Really Reasonable Ribbon – it’s an opportunity to 1) work your crafty chops and 2) simultaneously make someone a meaningful holiday gift!  As for me, I’m knockin’ out my gifts one by one.

Question I’m putting out into the crafty ether today ***Do you dislike receiving checks/money for special occasions?***  Believe me, there were times where I literally couldn’t afford to dislike such gifts haha!  But even when I was dirt poor, years of hastily written checks from loved ones started to grate on my ridiculously impractical, romantically-minded self.  Some of you are probably asking yourselves, “What the heck this girl is complaining about?  It’s money!!!”   Maybe being a crafter has something to do with it – having a love of thoughtful gestures, gifts that are handmade and from the heart, an interest in stepping away from the materialism that is killing our society and stepping toward healing traditions of old.

Anyway, even if you’re not a crafter, consider making something simple for a loved one this year.  Papercraft, card, cookies, cake, what-e-vah!  Don’t worry about any imperfections.  One thing I learned early on in this crafting journey is that if you spend some time thinking about it and put your heart into making it, even if it turns out not-so-pretty, your recipient will LOVE it!  How can I state that more emphatically?  Your recipient will love it so much, he or she just may start crying.

My love of cards was born from just that realization.  A few years ago, I was a teacher in Los Angeles, recently divorced and struggling to get back on my feet.  I couldn’t afford a gift for my dear friend and colleague.  So I made her a card – a tiny accordion card that was inspired by the lovely Martha Stewart.  She loved it so much that she carried it in her purse for months after I had given it to her, pulling it out when her day was going badly and she needed a pick-me up…

Folks – am i the only one who thinks that is MAJOR?!  I think we’d have a nation of die-hard cardmakers if everyone knew how happy they could make someone with a teensy weensy card!  Well, with this blog and the path I’m following, I hope to make some converts along the way.

Happy crafting, everyone.  Hope to see your crafts in the ether!  And see you back here really soon.

10 thoughts on “A Pretty Altered Project to Share

  1. Really love this little box! The time piece brad on top of that gorgeous bow is fab. Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on gift giving too. I agree 100%. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy as long as it’s from the heart. Amen sista, say it again!

    • I’m so glad you voiced an interest! Keep your eyes peeled – I used up all of my cream mesh 😦 But if I can score some more of this fiber from Really Reasonable Ribbon, I will do a quick video tutorial on my channel in December. Thanks for asking and I’m so glad you like it!!!

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