Winnings for You, Winnings for Me!

Hi there, folks!

If you are here for the Handmade Holidays blog hop this weekend, scroll down please 🙂

First item of the day!  I want to thank you for your comments and encouragement on the last several posts here – being able to provide some inspiration for you makes me feel beyond awesome!  Hugs from me and the pooches!

Second item of the day! The winner for the giveaway I hosted last week is….

Regina!  There were two Reginas, the winner was the one who said at 10:39 am on November 12th,

“It’s my first time visiting your blog, but I wanted to tell you that you’ve done an amazing job on your blog and have many wonderful cards! I enjoy your creativity! I’m a new suscribler”

Regina, please leave a comment here with your address or message me on my facebook page (link for that is on the right) so I can mail you these holiday stamps!

Third item of the day!  Did y’all know I won a huge box of stacks from DCWV for my Shabby Chic Tag video?  Huge!!!  This was the tag I made.

They shipped that sucker out lickety split and upon receipt of the package, I made a video to share with y’all all the beauty in that wonderfully heavy box!  Folks, I won’t need to buy paper for a long long time.  But the question is, will I?  Hahaha!

Fourth item of the day!   Since a follower here requested a video tutorial for my sloppy bloom, I decided to make one that I’ll share over on the PaperHaus blog this coming week.  I’ll let you know when it posts.  Really quick and easy showing how to make this…

Lastly, I wanted to share with you the blogs on the Handmade Holidays Hop stacked up for today.  Yesterday was a bit screwy in terms of blog listings varying from blog to blog and also, the guy before me didn’t list my blog – ugh.  I’m sad I missed out on some of the views, but primarily, I hope it didn’t deter you from hopping.  There’s some serious talent involved as well as some great manufacturer sponsored prizes.   If you are visiting here today because of this hop, my post for the hop is located here.  Here’s the line-up for today.

November 17th
Clearsnap – http://clearsnap.blogspot.com
Hampton Art – http://blog.hamptonart.com/
Graphic45 – http://g45papers.typepad.com/
Fiskateers – www.fiskateers.com/blog
Donna Salazar Designs – http://donnasalazar.typepad.com/
Tombow USA – http://blog.tombowusa.com/
Authentique Paper http://authentiquepaper.blogspot.com/
The Twinery – http://www.thetwineryblog.com/
Eileen Hull for Sizzix http://eileenhull.blogspot.com/
Globecraft Memories – http://globecraftmemories.blogspot.com
Diana Gonzalez – Clearsnap – http:// www.arteypoemas.com
Monika Wright – The Twinery – http://www.iloveitallwithmonikawright.com/
Gretchen McElveen – Hampton Art – http://gretchenmac.blogspot.com/
Megan Aaron – Clearsnap-  http://thoughtsoftraveling.blogspot.com/
Tania Willis – Fiskateers- http://throughtrialsiambeingpurified.blogspot.com/
Gloria Stengel – Graphic 45 – http://www.gloriascraps.blogspot.com/
Suzanne Austin – Clearsnap – http://whatsinalousyananut.blogspot.com/
Shellye McDaniel – Authentique Paper – http://paperedcottage.blogspot.com/
Natasha Naranjo Aguirre – Donna Salazar Designs –  http://www.moments-of-tranquility.com
Jen Carter – The Twinery – http://jensinkspot.blogspot.com/
Laura Denison – Graphic 45 – www.lauradenisondesigns.com
Candy Spiegel – Globecraft Memories – http://candyspiegel.wordpress.com/

And that’s all for today!  Hope you have a great, restful weekend!


6 thoughts on “Winnings for You, Winnings for Me!

  1. could you show detail and how to make the fibers on the top of the tag? it is so pretty. Thanks for all your creative inspiration

  2. I can’t believe that I have won your Blog Candy!!! I’m so HAPPY!!! THANKS for picking me to win your blog candy!
    I’ll send you an email with my address.
    Your tag is so soft, romantic and just beautiful!
    hugs Regina

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