A Handmade Bloom

Hello, everyone!  How was your Thanksgiving feast?  Did you pass out from gorging yourself lol?  I’ve had a humongous appetite as of late, and let’s just say, contadina k be gettin’ chubzzzz 🙂  But in all seriousness, this Thanksgiving, and every single day of the last year, I have felt profoundly grateful.  Waking up in the morning used to be soooo painful.  But nowadays, as soon as the nibbler, AKA Pupusa the dog, starts workin’ on my head at daybreak, I am up and at ’em.  So much to do, so many projects in the works, and primarily so much love in this home and in my life that my heart swells.

Did you know your comments make me ridiculously happy?  I read every one and pay attention to what’s goin’ on with you guys.  A fellow crafter, Linda, had commented a few posts back asking for instructions on this handmade bloom.

So as per her request, I made a video tutorial that posted on the PaperHaus Magazine channel today.  Folks, I love requests – so if you ever see anything here that you’d like to see explained in detail, let me know!  I’ll try my best to help you out.

This video (as will be all my videos from hereon in) is in HD, so whenever you watch my vids, make sure you adjust your youtube settings using the settings icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.  This way you’ll be able to see every detail clearly!

*** Also, if you want to purchase this fiber, you can order it from Really Reasonable Ribbon.  Currently they have some festive red and green (great hues for the holidays) available on sale!!!  And let me just share with you, despite my intense desire, I have not reordered yet because I want y’all to have a chance to enjoy it as much as I have.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

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