Watercolor Joy!

Hi folks,

I just wanted to do a quick share with y’all today!  I found out last night that 2 of my small watercolor paintings on Etsy just sold!  This original…

And this one, too!!!

Prints of these are also available at my Etsy shop as well as a few other originals!  Hope you’ll check them out if you have a chance.

Very exciting news for me and a rather new feeling having folks like my work enough to purchase it – so after mailing my package off in just a bit, my Mom and I (Momma’s visiting this week) we will have to celebrate today, perhaps with a fun lunch at the food court inside this really big Korean market we have in Vegas.

So far we’re having an awesome time – belly laughing and chatting, and as the deadlines keep comin’, I’m actually doing my art and craft at night after she goes to bed haha!  See y’all back here tomorrow with a new project to share!

9 thoughts on “Watercolor Joy!

  1. Aren’t you glad you get to spend some quality time with your Mom! Burning a little midnight oil to meet those deadlines is worth it to make those memories. You are indeed a multi talented gal and your watercolors are another expression of your talent. Keep sharing with all of us!

    • Hi Nan! Thank you! I just may have some spending money this holiday season! Mom and I had lunch at a Korean market here (none like that in Florida), and she wants to go back again today haha!

  2. Oh Vivian! I am so happy that you sold some of your beautiful paintings! I am kinda sad that it will not be my home that they will adorn! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Sunflower painting, it was my favorite!
    Glad that you got to spend some special times with your mom!

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