An Elegant Brooch for the Holidays

So, y’all know that I’m completely nuts about dogs.  I’ll be the first to admit that in the last year, the dynamic between my dogs and myself may have become a bit dysfunctional.  Aside from their home cooked foods and handmade outfits, if I leave the house for more than an hour, I start to miss the furry babies and worry about them :-/  But, ‘sall good!  Who’s to say what’s normal anyway?!

In a recent post, I shared my giveaway winner as well as a pic of my Mom and me this last week we were able to share together.  There was of course a lot of good food involved, and a fabulous mix of crafting and knitting while laughing until we cried activity. Hubbie caught this shot without our knowledge.

MomAndMeOk, folks, this shows how much affection I have for you.  Just to entertain you, I am willing to share a pic with me in it in which I look cross-eyed and fugly haha!  Do you see Pupusa hangin’ under my leg?  Mom made a doggie sweater that ended up not fitting her rather obese shih-tzu mix.  Mine turned out alright, but a bit on the large side.  Look at my Pupusa in her new sweater!

Pupusa_CWhat a model!!!  Using a gorgeous Burgundy Satin with Grosgrain Edge ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon, I made this doggie brooch for the holidays to go with haha!  Fact – doggie outfits are guaranteed to crack folks up.  And let me tell you from experience, sometimes a little lighthearted laughter can be very useful in the midst of dysfunctional family gatherings!

Here she is posing in the sunlight on her, I mean, our bed.

Pupusa_AFor a tutorial on this doggie brooch (you may recognize this style of flower from a recent card, too), visit me at the Really Reasonable Ribbon blog today!

Oh, and very important ***NOTE*** these pins should not be worn without human supervision!

See y’all again here really soon.  Next post will be my project for the Hampton Art and DCWV Blog Hop.

badgeSo stay tuned for that!



10 thoughts on “An Elegant Brooch for the Holidays

  1. Oh, I love that you shared your picture with your mom and Papusa, such a great honest picture! Love it. I love the little sweater, I cant knit for love nor money, I have tried to learn but to no avail, but I love this. I have a jackrussel/beagle mix named Zeke and love him to pieces, Dogs are wonderful, I agree!! Love the pin and am going to go see how to make it now. Have a great day!!

    • I think this doggie would make anything look good haha! She is very photogenic. Mom and I loved just hangin’ out – thanks for stopping by, Tracy!
      You guys got a pet recently, right? Hope the fam is having fun with the new member.

  2. Vivian I have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog…it is so refreshing…..I love all that you so openly share with us all…and you are a hoot to boot….I like your spiritual references, creative sharing and love your mom and dogs…I think you would be a joy to know

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