A Wish for Peace

Hello, friends.  Well, I don’t know how it’s been for you, but everything that’s been going on in our world has left me feeling profoundly sad.  There was also an unfortunate development in my personal life and I think it is going to take some time for me to recover.  So I’m looking forward to a very quiet Christmas, holding my man close to me, and finding closure.

It’s difficult for me to write today, but I did want to share with you my most recent card project that’s over on the Really Reasonable blog today.  In light of the growing turmoil around the world and at home, I wasn’t feeling in the Santas and reindeer state of mind.  So I have a quiet, comforting card, one that I made while wishing for peace and healing for all of us.


I’m going to do my best to return to you in better spirits.  Hope to see you back here very soon.


8 thoughts on “A Wish for Peace

  1. I’m with you there and think a lot of people around the world will be holding their family close this Christmas and instead of wishing for more gifts will be hoping for more peace in the world. Your card is so lovely. I hope your spirits lift soon.

  2. Strange that this seems to be the mutual feeling world wide this year…I am hoping that we may all have a better year next year and hoping that you will find peace as well…This card is just enough for me, thank you…Have a relaxed season and please come back with more of your great art to share…
    Kindest regards and hugs from me to you~~~~

  3. Your card is very beautiful. It’s speaks for itself. I hope everything will go well for you. For me to it doesn’t look to Christmas. But I’m going to see my family and I’m sure it will be ok. I wish you Merry Christmas and have a nice day. I hope what I write make sens, because my first language is french and sometimes I have difficulties in english.

  4. Your card is just perfect as usual Contadina? Not everyone can bear the enforced jollity around at this time of year tho wishing everyone peace and happiness. I don’t know your individual circumstances, but please be assured of my prayers that tou have the strength and grace to cope and soon find a peaceful place to be! Blessings always Helen xx

  5. Gorgeous card, Vivian. Sorry to hear you are going through some turmoil. I wish you all the best for a lovely holiday season and hope your joy for life and art bubbles through to the surface again real soon. Hugs, Tracy

  6. HI Vivian I am deeply saddened to hear you are going thru such heartache. Please know that I recently found your site and it has made such a difference in how I look at art and life. Your post touched me as well as I too grieve for a world that seems to have lost its way. I wish for you to find the peace you need to heal and come back even stronger. Hearts and Hugs, Susana

  7. This is definately a quietly beautiful card. It expresses peace for sure. I am praying for you, and hope you find your own peace as well. May Christmas find you feeling better from what you are going through, it is hard to be happy and upbeat all the time, when theres “stuff” going on, I understand that, but remember all things pass and time heals. You have a good Christmas and I will be back myself around New Years. I am having some difficulties as well, and have decided that I need to be off the computer for a bit, so starting Sunday, I wont be on for about a week. I will be home, just not on the computer, maybe someday I will explain. Merry Christmas friend!!!

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