Ready for a New Year

Hi friends!

I hope you had a fabulous holiday.  As for me, a few days before Christmas, while playing with my Cocker, Mabu, I clumsily misplaced my foot, promptly fell into a freezing pool,  badly spraining my ankle.  I managed to yank myself out of the deep end, crawled to the back door in the heaviest sopping wet sweats, and yelled for my man who promptly came to the rescue.  Writhing pain, uncontrollable teeth chattering, and now, the complete inability to walk, all in the wake of some personal tragedy is almost funny.  Almost.

As I go over the vulgar details of my day to day life post-injury while on the phone with my mom, I oscillate between deep belly laughs and “feeling sorry for myself” sobbing.  Hubbie has had to do just about everything for me. But I am now managing to get from Point A to Point B, whether it be with the use of crutches, on my hands and knees, or through some clever sliding action on my arse.

There are a few positives to this experience – I am becoming profoundly grateful for my general health and for what will be the eventual return of the use of all my limbs.  I know a lot of folks can’t say that.   And the tender loving care I’ve received from my most spectacular partner leaves me in a state of awe.

So… 2012 was amazing, except for the very end.  And I’m hoping these unfortunate nicks in the Contadina K’s timeline will mark a clear end to 2012 and a fresh beginning to 2013.  I don’t know how it is for you, but winter, Christmas lights, a dusting of snow, all of it, always make me more meditative, reflective of everything that has led to this moment, the good and the bad.  And despite the abundant self-pitiful whining in today’s post, this time of year always finds me grateful for the countless blessings in my life.

PostXmas_ASpeaking of gratitude, I have a few thank you cards to share with y’all here and at PaperHaus Magazine today.  I’m looking a lot more these days at the more muted, delicate and understated paper collections currently available.  These were made using Pink Paislee’s “Indigo Bleu,” Collection – really pretty stuff.  More details at PaperHaus!  I think I know just who to give these to.

Now that the presents have been opened, don’t forget to express your thanks, even if it’s simply a heartfelt hug.  Hope y’all are able to catch up on rest before we get movin’ again in 2013!

See you back here soon!  Next up –  some mixed media fun at Really Reasonable Ribbon and my first post as a Guest Designer for Faber Castell Design Memory Craft featuring some art journaling and a few fun techniques!


9 thoughts on “Ready for a New Year

  1. There was definitely an “ouch” moment reading your post! Poor you, but thank goodness you didn’t pass out then fall in the water! Take it easy now and just go gently into the New Year until you recover fully.

    • Yes, that is soooo true, Margie. That whole scenario could have gone much much worse, thank goodness it didn’t. Thanks for your good wishes. Very much looking forward to 2013!!!

  2. Ohmy what an accident!!! You are blessed to have such a wonderful hubbie but then you k now that better than any if us! Here’s to a healthy, accident-free 2013 and a year filled with creativity!!!

  3. So sorry to hear your year end is not going so well. 2013 will be better. I just found your blog when you were guest designer on Sizzix. Am loving your work and teaching style. Take it easy.

    • Thank you, Sharon! It’s already improving, in part thanks to the kind comments from followers here. So glad you’re enjoying my tuts! I have a few more ready and waiting to post. Can’t wait to share them with you!

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