How Our Roots Resurface

Do y’all have strong ties to your roots?  My parents emigrated from Korea way back when there were scarcely any Koreans living in the United States.  I am the last of three kids, and my Korean really sucks so badly that it’s embarrassing.  Yet I find it so dang interesting how one’s roots resurface in one’s passions.  When I’m crafting without thinking much, my projects definitely take on an Asian feeling, despite what a “Twinkie,” I am hahaha!

As my term with Faber-Castell has just begun, I’ve had a bunch of media on my craft table.  Folks, their Stamper’s Big Brush Pens are crazy fun to use – the colors are fantastic and the way they stamp for me really jive with a distressed look.  Anyway, I’ve been playing with my mixed media supplies and will have a few projects at various locales in the ether that are saturated with COLOR!  Today, a card at Really Reasonable Ribbon.  Here’s a little sneak!

BlackOrganza_BSo fun to make.  Supplies list at RRR, including some of the more vibrant and intense distress inks from Tim Holtz.  My crafty colleague, Tammy, has ignited what will be a long love affair with Tim Holtz.  Thank you, Tammy!

Hope you’ll check out my project at Really Reasonable Ribbon today!

Next post for y’all – ways with water soluble media video tutorial for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft!  Another video to post soon – a product comparison of wafer thin dies.

Finally, I’ve had a few followers try out my hot glue techniques and voice some really great questions to me through my public facebook account messaging.  Thanks for reaching out to me!  I’m planning on addressing those questions in a short video which should be ready for you in the next few weeks.

On a more personal note, my foot is healing well – when wrapped, I can put weight on it without any serious pain.  This inability to move has forced me to take things slowly and process some recent hardships – perhaps something of a blessing.  Thank you for your kind comments and wishes for healing.   You guys are da’ bomb! xoxo

2 thoughts on “How Our Roots Resurface

  1. My parents came to Brazil, from Japan and I also the last of three men – and my japanese is horrible!!! haha I just know what you want to say! LOL

    • Rommel it’s so great to meet another crafter with a similar upbringing. Yes, as the last of three, by the time I was born, no one was speaking Korean in the household. I studied it in college, but without friends to practice with, I quickly lost it. One day, I’m going to get back to it and somehow get it to stick in my head!

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