Techniques with Water Soluble Media

Happy New Year, friends!  Were you itching for a New Year?  I totally was.  Usually on this day, my mom makes traditional Korean foods for everyone – wish I could be with her to celebrate and gorge. But, there was no lack of gustatorial delights here in Vegas.  Hubbie and I feasted at the restaurant where he proposed to me not so long ago.  I love that guy so dang much – the sweetest, gentlest soul!

Funny as it is the first day of 2013, today marks a couple of firsts for me –  my first tutorial as a guest designer with Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft  woo hoo!  Having their delicious products and vibrant colors spread out all over my craft table is really floating my boat!!!  I made an art journaling page (detail below) for my post.


Y’all know December was somewhat rough-going for me.  Doing this page was very empowering and is helping me to process recent events and move forward.  Hope you’ll take a break from your day to visit me at Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft and check out my video tutorial!

In it, I share the inspirations that went into creating my page and detail a variety of easy techniques you can use with soluble media available from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft.  We have some fun with salt (yes, the salt you flavor your foods with), “drizzling” with homemade mists, and vascular effects with hot glue (some of you are already familiar with my love of hot glue)!

Speaking of hot glue, guess what?  New Year’s Eve I got the best news – all my projects with hot glue are going to be published in one of my favorite publications!  A technique article to share with everyone – another major first!  I would have jumped up and down and done my goofy happy dance, but as y’all know, I’m temporarily handicapped.  Well, while I did manage some non-jumpy gesticulation to entertain the man, I could tell he was left wanting more haha!  I tell you, when this foot heals, I’m going to become an avid dancer, and it won’t be pretty haha!

Oh, and if you are curious about the supplies I used in my art journal page, the materials list is available in the description section of the video.  Check it out when you get a chance.  You just may come away with a bit o’ inspiration and a few new techniques to try out on your next mixed media endeavor!  Since I pulled out the salt, I’ve been throwing it everywhere and with wide eyes observing what results!


P.S.  Our Scraps of Darkness and Scraps of Elegance folks have some news we’d like to share with you today!



6 thoughts on “Techniques with Water Soluble Media

  1. Happy New Year, Vivian! Absolutely love your journal page. Just watched your video.Those Big Pen markers look fabulous and is making me want to run out and get some. TFS your techniques. All the best to you in 2013!

  2. You are amazing! That is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your techniques and the products you use. Time to go “play” with my supplies.

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