Easy and Vibrant

Hello, folks!  I’ve been having soooo much fun with my Stamper’s Big Brush Pens and my Tim Holtz Distress Inks!  There were a few weeks of really muted projects which have given way to a really fun period of play with color and media.

Today, I have a stepped out tutorial for the tag below at PaperHaus Magazine!  Yes, I know you recognize these colors and patterns – once I found how beautifully they worked together, I couldn’t stop.  So yes – at various locales in the ether, I’ve got projects that are all part of one happy family haha!  TagA supply list for this tag is available at PaperHaus Magazine.

As promised today at PaperHaus, I also have a video here showing how to use salt to create the effect below.

WatercolorAnd-Salt_AIf you decide to try it out, experiment with different types of salt, different concentrations of paint, different degrees of wet.

WatercolorAnd-Salt_CSome quiet embellishments to allow my watercolored background the spotlight.

WatercolorAnd-Salt_DThe effect is really quick and easy, and I hope you’ll check it out.  It’s really short compared to most of my videos 🙂


P.S.  Blog Hop with Really Reasonable Ribbon on the 13th!  Hope you’ll squeeze some hopping with us into your schedule!


11 thoughts on “Easy and Vibrant

  1. I love this effect, so neat, I watched your video and you make it look easy, as you do in all your videos really. I have discovered in my organizing that I need to go and get new watercolors, mine have disappeared, probably when we moved here, anyway, as soon as I do I am going to do this technique, I love it. I started playing around a little with my watercolor pencils, but still trying to get the hang of it, we’ll see, if I get it where I like it, I will post something to show you. I did use the little owl stamp you sent me on a card I made for a CAS(E) this Sketch challenge that I entered yesterday. It is on my post for yesterday! Thanks again for those stamps and punch and ornament, I ended up making the ornament for my hubby, for our tree. I started a tradition of making an ornament every year for him, and one ‘just because’ for our tree. He loved it. And…I also took your advice on one of your videos, and tagged them with the year. I actually went back and did last years too, since this is just our 2nd year together, so I wouldnt get behind!! Thanks for that too. Well, have a great day.

    • i’m so glad to hear you’re getting back to watercolor. it’s such an incredibly amazing medium, isn’t it? we’ll be moving to san jose at the end of the month, and i’m already planning a dedicated spot in the craft room just for painting!

  2. I like the watercolor and salt technique. Very pretty card. Wondering how the salt will react with distress inks . . . Thunk I will test that out next time I get inky. Really enjoying your videos and blog.

  3. love your creations, especially the watercolor video. Hope i am commenting in the right place, was difficult to find this position, for the blog. Anyway, all your cards are lovely,beautiful colors, beautiful accents.

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