“Seeds,” Techniques to Incorporate Texture

Hi friends!

I have a new video tutorial that I prepared using the Color and Creativity Add-ons from my Scraps of Darkness “A Long December” kit.  Since it’s been such a busy week on the blog, this is the first chance I’ve had to write about it here.  Remember to change your youtube settings to HD for all my videos!

In the video, I incorporate a really cool product called Angelina fibers to create beautiful, shimmery texture.  Thank you, Scraps of Darkness, for introducing me to them!  I’m so in love and can’t wait to use it in different ways on other projects to come!  Contact Scraps of Darkness and order yourself some of this amazing stuff!

Here are a few detail shots of the final project.

Seeds_B Stylized blooms.

Seeds_DAngelina fibers and Art Anthology Sorbets.  I used different media on top of my hot glue effects than I normally do.  And they dried quickly!

Seeds_CWhen I finish a project, I’ll set it on my desk to look at it over the next few days and see what I ultimately like/think about it.  Shortly after finishing this one, I said to myself, “Hey… those petals and seeds look kind of like… gametes.  Hahaha!  Whelp, doesn’t art just give us the clearest insights into our unconscious minds?

The full canvas can be seen at Scraps of Darkness and on my facebook page!  Hope you enjoy it!


7 thoughts on ““Seeds,” Techniques to Incorporate Texture

  1. I just discovered your YouTube videos and love watching the beautiful art you create. Thank you for sharing so many techniques in this one painting. I do have a question about a product you used in making this painting. A little after the 10 minute mark in the video, when you were adhering the Angelina fibers, you also sprinkled bone ash on the canvas. I have recently heard about using bone ash to make the painting have an encaustic effect, but have been unable to find it in small amounts in any stores near Dallas, TX. Could you share where you found the bone ash. I have located wholesale outlets on the Internet, but do not need hundreds of pounds of it. Only a small amount for a few friends and myself to experiment with.

    • Hi Evelyn,

      I received my bonash from Scraps of Darkness. This is a kit club, but I think you can order items individually. the website is scrapsofdarkness.com and i am sure you can inquire with the owner, melinda.

  2. Hi Vivian

    Thanks for the quick response. I found Bo-Nash bonding powder at Joanne’s. However, I called the company and the customer service person told me that Bo-Nash was just the name of the company and not that the bonding powder contained bone ash. She didn’t seem too cooperative to tell me more about the product ingredients except that the bonding agent was in powder form rather than in a sheet. I’m not sure this is what we want, so will have to do some more investigating. I did find a company on EBAY that sells bone ash powder in 1 and 3 pound packages. Maybe I’ll try that. Thanks again for your help. I’m watching your videos from the earliest to the latest, so need to go back and view some more demonstrations of your LUSCIOUS paintings and techniques.

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