“Fingermisting,” A New Technique Video

Hello friends!

I have been gettin’ messy, playing around with brand new Hampton Art/ Authentique stamps and some great mists.  After all the play was done and all my fingers were heavily inked, I put it all together in a new video tutorial for you.

Here are a few detail shots of some of the really easy, colorful effects possible.

Fingermisting_02Another created with a few swoops!

Fingermisting_05Some funky doodling…

Fingermisting_06Ultimately, my purpose in sharing this video is to encourage you to allow yourself to mess around with your tools without any big expectations.  I’m starting to believe that it is through this mode of creating that we start making connections with our unique, unconscious selves, find our voices, and craft in a manner that feeds our souls.

I’d love for you to give it a shot and see what comes out.  Then show me how you worked your “thang!”  Seriously, if you’ve ever tried any of the techniques I’ve shared, I want to see everything, your successes and your bloopers.  Link me up! Post on the fb page!

As for this one, I know y’all all have mists.  Let’s use ’em up!

Full shots at the Hampton Art blog today.  Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on ““Fingermisting,” A New Technique Video

  1. What fun Vivian! I’m going to have to try this. Great tip on purchasing primary colors first. I’m going to keep that in mind when I purchase my first mists. As always love the inspiration!

    • Hey I meant to ask . . . what type of watercolor paper do you use? There are several types and I’m never sure what is best. Thanks.

      • For papercrafting, I just use an economical Strathmore cold pressed watercolor paper. Usually I get a large pad so I can cut sheets in sizes I like from really small to big. For watercolor paintings, I use a much more expensive paper, usually Arches brand that comes in a hard block – I never purchase these without a coupon in hand haha! The block is great because your paper really doesn’t warp.

      • Thanks on the water color paper. I will keep my eye out for a sale or coupon and pick some up to try.

  2. Absolutely loved your “fingermisting” techniques! This could easily have been part of the Creative Jump technique videos going on now. You always use wonderfully descriptive narrative in your videos which makes them thoroughly enjoyable on several levels. You are an inspiration to me as I strive to overcome some perfectionist tendencies and move toward a more free, creative expression of art.

    • Yay Judy!!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. Who knows, maybe next year I can be a part of the Jumpstarts! I noticed some of y’all mentioned me over there and that felt really really great – so thankful y’all are spreading the word! Re. perfectionism, I totally struggle with that, too. But when I allow myself failures one day, almost always the next day, it leads to something hugely satisfying.

  3. I was just contemplating getting rid of all my card and art supplies yesterday, and then I found you today! Your work is exciting and beautiful, and definitely not like the card stamping parties I have become so bored with. I think I am going to enjoy card making again! Thank you!

    • Oh I’m so glad you aren’t throwing away your supplies – finding ways to reinvent your old stuff is so very satisfying. I’m thrilled that you visited me here, Lynda, and that I was able to put an end to your boredom. I’m looking forward to seeing your work!

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