Layering Paint

Hello, friends!

I have a new technique tutorial that I prepared for Scraps of Darkness using the Color and Creativity Add-ons from their January kit, “Waterways.”  Here is a shot of what results from the paint layering technique, the focus of the video tutorial.

PaintingLayers_CI had stumbled upon a youtube video from a North Carolina based artist, Moni Hill (www.monihill.com) and was so thankful for the inspiration she generously provided to “youbers” for this project!  Go check out her bold, geometric and captivating work!  I was especially excited that with a bit more elbow grease and a bit less artistic strain, what was basically wood and paint could so easily transform into something that looked more like tile or travertine.  Switch up your colors to suit your mood or the effect you are trying to create.

In addition to the paint layering, I did some drizzling and fingerpainting with these luxurious paints.

PaintingLayers_BAnd embedded some pearls in the paint.  The final result reminds me of rivers and streams seen from way up above.

PaintingLayers_A1Here’s the video!

Folks, if you end up trying out some of the techniques I share with you, I’d be ever so thrilled if you posted them – process pix, results, questions, etc. on my facebook page (link on the right side of this blog)!  Seeing the results of my efforts to inspire you would make me really really happy.  I’d be equally thrilled to see how you reinterpret or expand upon what I share!  A BIG THANK YOU as well for the comments you’ve been leaving me here and on youtube – they really motivate me to keep refining my video making skills and paving the road to new opportunities!

Our designers’ projects reveal today on their blogs, as well!  So check them out – I’m looking forward to seeing how each of them spun their own unique projects with the tools in January’s kit.

13 thoughts on “Layering Paint

  1. I agree with you – it does look like a map! Love the results. Thank you for sharing all your work and ideas.

  2. This piece looks amazing. Love seing what you can do with different products. Love those lumiere paints. Thanks for sharing,

  3. I have literally just watched the video & immediately know a piece I have for trying your techniques. I am not lucky enough to have all the paints used but I do have ideas in my head already. I’m thinking model paste, acrylics & mica powders?? Wow, I am so grateful to you!! My mojo has been awol for a long time & to have excitement back about a potential project idea is SO great. You have boosted my moral. Thank YOU!! 🙂

      • Hey, thank you for responding to my comments, means a lot!! Can’t imagine you not having mojo but pleased you liked what I said. I just say as I see & feel when I see a project. I haven’t come across one yet from you that hasn’t given me “that buzz”! Brilliant that you think mica would be good, I still don’t know too much about mixed media. If i manage to turn out something that’s any good, will let you know.
        Thank you again. You’re amazing!! 🙂

  4. Just found your blog and love all the techniques you are sharing. I am a putzer, so I will be getting painty and inky shortly. thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I’m new to your blog, came via Ephemeral Gecko. This piece has really inspired me, and coincidentally, I have recently bought some Lumiere Paints! I’m raring to go! Thanks for your wonderful video!
    Alison x

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